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The clocking experience that puts people first

No more struggling with proximity cards or uncertainty whether your clocking was successful. T2's contactless clocking makes starting and finishing work far more efficient, with the ability to clock in each member of a queue in less than 5 seconds. The digital screen provides immediate feedback, ensuring accurate headcounts and payslips which accurately reflect hours worked.


Key features:

  • Facial Recognition

  • Fingerprint biometrics

  • Clocking in 5 seconds

  • Sleek new design

  • On screen feedback

  • Secure cloud-based solution

A rich, diverse customer base

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How Time and Attendance with T2 will benefit your business

Powerful Solution
Improved speed, security and efficiency of enrolment, employees can self-enrol faster than ever before by using secure facial recognition, fingerprint and proximity authentication.
Fully Integrated
T2 devices are able to utilise the latest technology to revolutionise the way you gather, access and manage your workforce data, fully integrated with our latest time and attendance solution.
Live Reporting
Data is synchronised in the cloud for live reporting and visualised in stunning dashboards, accessible anywhere, anytime.

Why work with OneAdvanced?

Over 40 years’ experience with digital Time and Attendance systems.
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Discover the T2

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Features and benefits

Pushing Time and Attendance forward

Employing cutting-edge contactless technology, T2 is poised to transform the process of collecting, accessing, and overseeing your workforce data.

Benefits of this feature
  • Enhancing the pace, security, and effectiveness of enrollment, employees can now self-enroll swiftly through facial recognition, fingerprint, and proximity authentication methods
  • Seamlessly integrated with our time and attendance solution
  • Real-time tracking of clock-ins and outs, all of which can be analysed and visualized through captivating dashboards

Security and Speed

A Linux-based operating system has been developed in-house using a security by design principle to run exclusively on our own hardware. The T2 has been subjected to rigorous internal and independent security, stability and performance testing, meaning you can be safe in the knowledge that your hardware and software is designed with usability at its core.

The T2 runs on a custom-build Linux OS, designed exclusively for our hardware and has been subject to copious internal and independent security, stability and performance testing. Biometric clocking provides next generation security whilst also ensuring speedy and efficient clocking in less than 5 seconds per worker.

Benefits of this feature
  • Biometric data from facial recognition and fingerprints is not stored; scans are represented by numerical templates of key data points and matched using Innovatrics technology
  • An embedded disaster recovery mode allows for safe rebooting in the case of site power loss


The T2 features a custom Teflon™ -coated chassis with 3mm chemical toughened glass, IP66 rated and food safe. Suitable for any commercial environment or office space, it can be fully sanitised, chemically cleaned or even Jet-Washed.

Benefits of this feature
  • IP66 rated, making it dust and waterproof
  • Food prep and bio safe
  • Oleophobic coating
  • Compatible with latex gloves
  • Fully operational at temperatures between -10°C and 40°C

Your personalised notice board

Coupled with the latest version of Time and Attendance, the high resolution full-colour screen is able to provide desk-less employees with important company news as well as personalised reminders of any upcoming training sessions, meetings or events.

Benefits of this feature
  • Keep desk-less workers informed and engaged
  • Ensure on-site employees training is up-to-date
  • Communicate business critical updates effortlessly


  • Do my MF Clocks still work?

    Yes, but after 31st December 2024 you will not be able to access repairs when they break, and you will not be able to access new parts. In the run up to that date we have limited parts to enable us to continue to maintain your existing clocks, but after this we will no longer be able to support the products.

  • Will my MF clocks stop working after December 31st?

    No, they will not automatically stop working on that date. However, the product will move to End-of-Life status, and we will no longer provide support, repairs, or maintenance for the product.

  • Why are MF clocks reaching End-of-Life?

    The MF clock series has served us well for many years, but it is now increasingly difficult for us to maintain and repair these devices as several components are no longer being produced and we are now running on a finite availability of stock.  Plus, as more applications move to the cloud, this product has reached the end of its natural life.   

  • How do I know which clocks I have?

    Please contact your account manager to confirm which clocks you have.

  • Is there a cost to upgrade?

    Yes – your account manager will be able to provide a full proposal for your upgrade.

  • How long is the upgrade to T2 clocks likely to take?

    This will depend on the number of clocks and locations you have. Please contact your account manager to get an estimate.

  • Will I need to upgrade/change my Time and Attendance software too?

    When upgrading your clocks to T2 you will automatically be upgraded to the latest, cloud-based version of Time and Attendance. This will have all the same functionalities of Time and Attendance that you are used to.

  • Can we use proximity cards with the new T2 clocks?

    Yes – this is an option.

  • What will the process be for upgrading the clocks?

    Please discuss with your account manager, as a first step. Once an order is created and signed, we will organise a consultant and an engineer to assess your needs. We will transport the clocks to site and an engineer will visit to install them. A consultant will then set the software inside the clocks. You will not be able to install your own clocks.

  • Do the new biometric options affect GDPR compliance?

    No, as employees’ biometric data is not stored, with the face and finger matching achieved by creation of a numerical template that is extremely hard to reverse.

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