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Report 2023

The current state of performance management and the emerging trends for 2023.

We've surveyed over 1,350 HR directors, managers and employees across a range of sectors in the UK and USA, to provide us with multiple viewpoints on performance management. 


As we tackle the challenges presented at the start of 2023, we do so with a workforce that is increasingly burnt out, and with managers who are increasingly struggling to help.

In a world where the rules of engagement have changed and developing and nurturing your people holds the key to success, building and finding a performance culture seems for many as elusive as it's ever been. And it's never been so important. 



Key Findings

2023 - The year of the 'perfect' (or not-so-perfect) storm

With businesses looking to protect their bottom line, we are seeing a laser focus on performance. 40% of HR Directors say their main performance management priority is to enhance perfromance, compared to just 31% in 2022.

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Key Findings

Now is time to put into practice what we've been preaching

Only half of the workforce believes their organisation promotes a strong performance management culture, begging questions around why this is and how the issue can be rectified. 

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Key Findings

The delusion of managers means they're missing the mark

This year's survey suggests that managers aren't meeting the expectations of their employees. But why? One factor could be  that nearly half (48%) of managers find it hard to manage in a hybrid enviornment.

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Key Findings

Employees are worried about job security

We found that a quarter of employees don't feel secure in their current role and are concerned about: redundancy in their own role (44%), pay cuts or freezes (51%) or redundancy in the wider team (34%).

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Key Findings

The future of the workforce needs more support

42% of 18-24 year olds say that lack of support and guidance are their top concerns in their work life, a huge rise compared to all other age categories surveyed. 

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Advanced Clear Review

Advanced Clear Review allows for the setting and tracking of clear, agile goals, encourages regular conversations between management and employees, and provides staff the opportunity to give and receive feedback to and from co-workers. Improve communication, engagement and well-being, resulting in a happier, more productive work force.

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