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Adjusting to increased pressures

The healthcare industry is in a state of rapid transformation, due to the strain put on healthcare providers from the pandemic, population changes, the speed of technology innovation, and increased user-expectations.

As a result, IT professionals are having to rapidly scale up and implement new technologies to support an influx of patients while still ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and limited budgets.

The use of digital health technologies has resulted in savings of up to £4billion per year for the NHS alone

McKinsey & Company

Key Challenges



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Protecting your patients

With the rise of cyber-attacks and the shift to hybrid working, healthcare organisations must be vigilant in protecting their data and systems from malicious actors.

OneAdvanced Cyber Security Services can provide stronger security through our proactive threat intelligence, dedicated teams of experienced security professionals and our ‘Everything’s Covered’ approach to keeping your people and data safe. We can give you that piece of mind that your environment is secure, whilst reducing the risk of a breach which can cause unrecoverable reputational and financial damage.


Seamless collaboration

With multiple stakeholders, departments and teams, healthcare organisations need to be able to securely and effectively share data and communications across locations and devices.

Our Modern Workplace team provide remote access solutions, collaboration tools, and virtual meeting platforms. This may involve creating virtual private networks (VPNs) to allow employees to securely access resources from home, implementing project management tools, and using collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams. We can ensure productivity never dips, while you focus on strategic priorities.


Leveraging the power of cloud

Cloud can be hugely advantageous – providing you with wherever and whenever flexibility, allowing you to scale in response to demand, opex costing, and the possibilities for competitive advantage and productivity gains through automation and intelligent data.

We recognise that organisations are at different stages in their cloud journey, and we advise, assist, secure and operate wherever you may be. Our range of public, private and hybrid services enable us to provide you with the support you need to fully leverage the power of the cloud and drive your business forward.


Proactive support

Reliable IT infrastructure and systems are crucial to healthcare organisations, as any downtime or disruption can have severe consequences on the ability to collaborate, share data, and provide care to patients.

We are able to support individual applications through to your entire infrastructure environment, creating a tailored solution to suit your business. Our managed services can streamline IT operations while also improving security, compliance, costs, and overall business performance - guiding your organisation on the journey to a stronger future.


”As a charity, it was really important for us to partner with someone that understood what we needed and OneAdvanced did just that - they understood our vision.”

Rob Bing, IT Service Manager
St Andrew's Healthcare

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