Legal Cloud

We work with solicitors, barristers and coroners to provide powerful Cloud solutions that automate business processes and give you a strategic advantage over the competition

30 years’ worth of experience in developing legal technology

St John’s Chambers are set to save up to £350,000, since implementing our Cloud-based chambers management solution

Helping 2 million legal cases navigate the system

30 years’ worth of experience working with legal firms

Our experience working with the legal market means we have built solutions that suit your needs and address the challenges you face every day



Seamless Collaboration

Work in unision with clients - upload, share and collaboratively work on documents in real time

In a market where there is an increased drive towards compliance and efficiency, your business needs powerful software to help automate your business and improve customer interaction. 

Anytime, anywhere

Using Cloud-based solutions means you can access the data you need on the move. Keep up to speed with developments whilst at court or with clients




Digitise your practice

Taking the step to digitise paperwork instantly delivers practice efficiency – freeing up resource and making the firm more responsive to changing demands from customers

Your Legal Cloud Solution

Our Cloud-based solutions are built for forward thinking law firms and barristers’ chambers who require tools that simplify processes, ease the burden of compliance and are cost-effective. This  enables you to focus more time on building relationships with clients. 

We understand that the working practices of solicitors and barristers are changing, and that the traditional legal model is having to adapt to fast paced technological advances. By implanting flexible, mobile solutions in your legal business, staff are able to be more productive when working away from the office or in court. 

The burden of paper within the legal sector is becoming more of an urgent problem; with the government’s initiative to go paperless by 2020, the price of not implementing digital replacements is going to become an increasing a drain on your finances. Using Cloud-based solutions means your business will be able to save both money and time.

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Advanced Business Cloud Essentials

Advanced Business Cloud is a cloud-based ERP system which delivers a single, fully-integrated platform for businesses to use financials, CRM, stock control, supplier and logistics management, payroll and dashboard reporting. The platform is delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) so it’s easily accessible through any web browser and the pricing model allows businesses to scale their usage as required.

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