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How Advanced Time and Attendance can help you overcome key manufacturing challenges.

How Advanced Time and Attendance can help you overcome key manufacturing challenges.

by John McManus, Country Director

Recently we discussed some of the key challenges facing manufacturing organisations across Ireland. From hiring and retaining a skilled workforce to effective jobs costing and concerns around security. In our blog, we mentioned that in spite of the broad and complex nature of many of these hurdles, a common theme was how the existing systems and technologies which your rely upon for daily operations- particularly those embedded as part of your people management function, can play a massive role In helping you overcome these challenges.

In fact, Irish organisations are already ahead of the curve when it comes to prioritising digital transformation: A recent IBEC report found that 53% of businesses were committed to sustained investment in their systems and technology.

We wanted to take some time to re-examine a few of these challenges through the lens of time and attendance and how an effective solution can not only eliminate the headaches commonly associated with these blockers but also offer your leadership and people teams greater scope to focus their efforts on crafting transformational strategies.

How can Time and Attendance Help?

Time and attendance systems have traditionally had something of a bad rep amongst businesses. Previously seen as little more than tools to help draconian management monitor and punish every minor infraction- it has taken some time for organisations to come to appreciate just how fundamentally an effective policy of T&A can help transform their business.

Time and Attendance systems are actually one of the most effective ways for you to safeguard your employees. By having a comprehensive overview of the working patterns within your organisation, you are better equipped to reward your people who have gone above and beyond and also ensure that no one is bearing unnecessary burdens.

While it may seem a minor factor, employee absence has a direct impact on overheads, with businesses having to scramble to cover shifts in order to risk delivery dates being impacted. Furthermore, there is an indication that high incidences of absence, points to a wider problem of staff turnover, with businesses who take their off the ball when it comes to their workforce, finding themselves returning time and time again to the costly and time-consuming recruitment cycle.

So just how can an effective Time and Attendance solution transform your business?

  • Reduce admin tasks- Nobody likes having their week bogged down by tedious admin heavy tasks and nowhere is this more pronounced than in HR, where teams often find themselves fielding questions around rotas or annual leave allowances. An effective time and attendance solution gives your people the visibility they need to stay on top of their schedule.
  • Payroll accuracy- Your payroll is only as effective as the information which you feed into it. Without an effective way of measuring hours worked, businesses run the risk of continuous payroll errors, potentially overpaying or underpaying staff and having to constantly course-correct as a result of errors. By having a time and attendance system which feeds data through to your payroll system, you can eliminate the need for concern over errors and free your people from the tedium of chasing anomalies.
  • Prevent time fraud- Older, more manual-based processes of clocking in are, unfortunately, sometimes ripe for abuse. Paper-based time sheets in particular are prone to the “buddy clocking” phenomenon where employees can have a colleague sign in on their behalf. This presents a particular challenge for businesses as buddy clocking can often be a way to cover up incidences of habitual lateness, leaving organisations without an accurate overview of attendance patterns. Time and attendance systems work in lockstep with clocking in solutions such as biometric readers, in order to paint an accurate picture of who is starting work and when.
  • Reports at your fingertips- In every business, information is king and the ability for managers to have access to the data they need at the touch of a button will be a vital asset for organisations looking to drive forward their productivity. A time and attendance suite can help your business configure a portfolio of reports which can be sent out to relevant people within the organisation instantaneously.
  • Employee self service- There is an increased demand from employees for a greater level of independence when it comes to managing their own schedule. Furthermore, modern technology offers us all the information we need at our fingertips, so why shouldn’t it be the same for our working lives? Time and attendance systems can offer your employees a bespoke app or dashboard, giving them access to their rota, holiday allowance, payslips and any other relevant information they need to take charge of their schedules.

What’s next?

Although every workplace will be different in their set-up, it’s clear that businesses who are serious about overcoming challenges and pushing for greater productivity and profitability, cannot afford to disregard time and attendance as an asset.

For manufacturing, in particular, the ability to have that instant oversight of working patterns gives organisations an unparalleled ability to remain agile to potential disruption. Having a clearer understanding of hours worked also allows you to highlight and reward your people who go above and beyond. 

In the wake of rising costs across energy bills and the supply chain, there’s never been a greater need to reduce business expenses and when you’re talking about vast manufacturing concerns, that run across 24 hour schedules- effective time and attendance is absolutely vital in giving you the operational oversight you need.

Our Advanced Time and Attendance solution has been created by experts in the field, specifically to help organisations across all sectors eliminate manual inputs, inefficiencies and lack of oversight which can all contribute to being blockers to success.

Our unparalleled employee self service functionality and real-time payroll reporting, matched with robust clocking hardware and remote capability, means businesses always have a complete and accurate picture of employee attendance and output across all of their sites. Furthermore, by eliminating the need for manual checks, you free your people teams to leverage their talents in more meaningful ways- creating policy and strategy which can truly transform your organisation.

If you’d like to discover more about how Advanced Time and Attendance can help you overcome key challenges in the manufacturing sector, Get in touch today.

John McManus

John McManus


Country Director

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