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OneAdvanced was acquired by Vista Equity Partners in 2015 and we have enjoyed a very positive working relationship ever since. With this expert backing, we have moved forwards through a series of acquisitions which have allowed us to expand our services. Since a landmark investment by BC Partners in 2019, OneAdvanced has made big strides forwards. We have continued growing at pace, now sitting comfortably as one of the top three SaaS providers in the UK.

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Investing in the Future of OneAdvanced

Long-term views work to inspire our innovations in enterprise software technologies.

Vista Equity Partners

Since 2015, Vista Equity Partners have supported us to innovate and find new partners to achieve the highest standards for our customers. As a Vista portfolio company, we work alongside a global group of software innovators. This partnership, which operates in over 175 countries and serves more than 800,000 customers, has allowed us to grow in new and exciting ways.

BC Partners

With a strong history of growth, OneAdvanced secured a major investment from BC Partners. As a leading investment firm with international experience across all sectors, BC could help us push forwards with our goals for international growth. With this support, especially access to experience of the highest levels in UK and European markets, OneAdvanced were able to make great strides in our plans to grow further into the future.

“Since 2015, we have worked closely with the OneAdvanced team to transform the Company into a leader in business software solutions. We are proud of the success the company has achieved and we are thrilled to have BC Partners join as an investment partner as we look forward to the Company’s next phase of growth.”

Robert F. Smith, Founder, Chairman and CEO

More about Vista

“We have deep respect and appreciation of the work the management as well as Vista did to make OneAdvanced a leading player in its field. Our ambition and focus since partnering with them has been to further unlock the significant long-term growth potential by, building on what OneAdvanced has already accomplished since 2015. We are excited about the future, with our sights set firmly on becoming the number one provider of mission critical business software in the UK.”

Philipp Schwalber, Partner

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