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Since inception, BC Partners has always focused on investing in market-leading companies in sectors that benefit from secular growth and that exhibit resilient characteristics. With its investment in OneAdvanced, BC Partners recognised the potential to further accelerate its growth through expansion of its mission critical software offerings.

BC Partners and OneAdvanced

In 2019, BC Partners joined Vista Equity Partners as owners of OneAdvanced. Since then BC Partners has helped OneAdvanced capitalise on organic growth opportunities by accelerating investment into its cloud software solutions, and completing several value enhancing strategic acquisitions of complementary solutions within its core markets. The operational improvements OneAdvanced made between the initial investment by Vista in 2015 to BC joining as a partner in 2019 created a strong platform upon which to accelerate growth.

BC Partners has an owner / operator mentality of investing, which drives a culture of partnership internally and externally. Our approach focuses on improving the collective appreciation of the operational levers of value creation, sharing the outcomes with our companies which in turn help them create value for their employees, partners and customers. 

BC Partners and Advanced
A truly global partnership of ideals

A truly global partnership of ideals

OneAdvanced operates under core beliefs noted in its own Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy, which includes promotion of workplace diversity and environmental responsibility within its local communities and the world at large. OneAdvanced’s goals are similar to those contained within BC Partner’s ESG policy which focuses on best practices that promote an environment of humanity, honesty, transparency, and community goals. This dedication to all stakeholders ensures that the highest levels of integrity are in place at OneAdvanced, as well as at all BC Partners companies.

Since March 2009, BC Partners has been a signatory of the United Nations supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) . The Principles for Responsible Investment provide a voluntary framework to managers for incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues into their mainstream investment decision-making and ownership practices.

A brief overview of BC Partners

Founded in 1986, BC Partners is a pioneer in European private equity with a longstanding presence in North America. Today, BC Partners has 124 investments across 18 countries equating to an enterprise value of over €161 Billion.

Since our founding, we have always believed that the best professionals, businesses, and brands are equal parts inspiring and credible. And we have deliberately built a business that attracts people and partners who balance these traits. At BC, our investment professionals are world class in what they do while creating a culture of humanity, honesty, transparency, and community. 

At BC, we are deeply connected to our people, the entrepreneurs we invest in, and our investment partners. We believe that deep relationships are the most valuable ones, where honesty, transparency, and understanding naturally flow and lead to better outcomes.

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A brief overview of BC Partners