MyWorkplace combines existing cloud and on-premise solutions from Advanced with common tools such as a single UI/UX, one reporting layer and a powerful process automation engine to deliver an eco-system that unifies market relevant business systems into a single platform.

Deliver faster, better and smarter services with a unified product ecosystem.

All of our customers deliver a service in one form or another and those services are coming under increasing pressure from many angles. In the public sector, a lack of funding is forcing extreme cost-cutting measures whilst in the private sector changing business models is challenging the way organisations work. In both markets increased delays and inefficiency coupled with growing demand all add to a rising pressure that gives one inevitable conclusion – doing nothing is not an option.

These challenges are compounded by the Customer Experience – if the systems are slow and don’t talk to one another efficiently, risk increases, quality of service drops and cost of service delivery rises – it compromises the citizen's experience and ultimately the value they receive.

Organisations that are looking to challenge these issues head on aim to deliver faster, better and smarter services – but they still need help to do that.

From a software perspective, the market is fractured - most vendors deliver point solutions, designed to address a specific need or deliver a set function. They provide value in isolation but they force organisations to buy multiple solutions to address their customers’ entire journey. The handoff between solutions is invariably weak and this leads to a disruptive and poor experience for the user and ultimately the end customer. Those faster, better, smarter services are put at risk.

However many organisations need more than singular point solutions – they need solutions that drive customer value – unifying front and back office solutions into a seamless environment that delivers the biggest impact on the customer’s experience.

Our unique perspective across different markets and products has shown us this time and again; from patient care across departments in the NHS and the student journey through secondary education to the total digitisation of the “client to court” legal experience.

We are in a unique position to address this growing need for greater value from a software solution. There are no other vendors in the software market today that can offer such a comprehensive blend of horizontal capability and depth of knowledge in key verticals. We’ve used this unique capability to help shape MyWorkplace, our unified eco-system.

Features of MyWorkplace

By removing boundaries and sharing data and processes where relevant we can create a seamless journey for both the user and the end customer. Focusing on where there are shared elements MyWorkplace can apply its capability to multiple markets simultaneously.


Single sign-on

Single sign-on and a common UI to support seamless use of multiple Advanced solutions


Business intelligence capabilities

Cloud-based Business Intelligence capable of data analysis across multiple Platform datasets


Augmented intelligence

Machine Learning, AI and Predictive Analytics to augment system workflows


Product collaboration 

Digital communication services to enable cross-boundary collaboration between platform users


API access

An API gateway to provide common access to products and services for partners and 3rd party vendors


Cloud & on-premise integraton

A Platform Bridge to give access to cloud services for on-premise applications