Making the 9-5 less of a grind

A changing world of work requires new ways of working. You want your people to succeed, but competing demands on time make it harder than ever before. Giving your employees the tools they need, when they need them.

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Remove distractions and silence the noise

Our mission is to make work easier for our customers, which is exactly what MyWorkplace is designed to do. Often, teams get bogged down in distractions and the complexities of manual processes created by complicated technology and processes. MyWorkplace is designed to remove admin barriers and blockers which stops employees for making a difference every day, silencing the noise and getting your teams back to doing what they love.

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MyWorkplace brings together all your business systems in one, unified platform.

One single sign-on gives your teams access to all the tools they need. When they need them. In one place.  Raise a PO. Book annual leave. Request travel. Buy stationery. All at the click of a button.

"Give your people the tools to make work easier and in turn they'll create success." Gordon Wilson, Advanced CEO

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Want to get into the techy stuff? Find out more below about the specifics of the MyWorkplace platform.

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