A new way of working

MyWorkplace is an open ecosystem that brings all your business software solutions together in one place. It supports all of our own products – both Cloud and on-premise – as well as those of our partners, delivering smarter, faster services. MyWorkplace is totally configurable, with focused views to show you everything you need – and you can still get to the full applications if you want to. There is no need for multiple log-ins, one single sign-on gives your people access to all the tools they use in their working day.


Making work better

Working life is increasingly complicated. A lot of time is spent entering data and managing tasks in lots of different applications. MyWorkplace was developed to simplify all this – while at the same time increasing productivity and job satisfaction.
Advanced is in a unique position to address this need. We offer the most comprehensive blend of horizontal capabilities and deep sector knowledge. We’ve used this understanding to create MyWorkplace, unifying front and back office systems into an environment that makes a huge difference to how your people work, every day.


Totally configurable

MyWorkplace is a single platform where you can consume all of your applications in a configuration that suits you best. Build your own automated workflows with the integrated Business Process Manager to streamline your activities.
Whether you are raising a PO, booking annual leave or buying stationery, you can control all of your work from one place at the click of a button. We can also provide you with product insight, to advise if you are making the most of the solutions on your desk.

Features of MyWorkplace

By removing boundaries, and sharing data and processes where relevant, we have created a seamless journey for the user. These are some of the key features making a difference.



This is the main view of MyWorkplace. It is totally configurable and made up of Applets. You can have multiple Desks that you access, all tailored to a specific activity type.



Each Applet represents a specific information point or short workflow. Multiple Applets can be placed on a single Desk, and you can mix and match them from different applications.



A global Task Manager shows your combined list of activities, helping you keep on top of priorities. It also allows you to take actions, without having to go to the underlying system.


Advanced Virtual Assistant (AVA)

This is a system-wide virtual assistant, always there to help, delivering a brand new way to interact with our applications. It will initially be available for Cloud HR.



Because we use our own procurement platform, and represent a large customer base, we can offer our significant buying power to customers of all sizes, helping to make purchasing cheaper.


Advanced Store

This is the place to go if you want to buy additional applications from us or our partners. It is easy to use, and includes both free and paid-for solutions.