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Alex Arundale, Introduces OneAdvanced Virtual Assistant (AVA)

"AVA helps us all remove the admin and get back to the part of our jobs which we love. Instead of spending time booking annual leave we can focus on nailing that marketing campaign, or spending time with our teams to complete personal development plans"

Meet AVA, your OneAdvanced Virtual Assistant

Watch AVA introduce herself and explain how virtual assistants can help your employees and HR team by taking care of your blockers, so you can spend your time getting on with making a difference to your people and your business.

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More than ever before, our work needs to be easier and our people more productive

  • AVA can surface the information your HR team needs, as they need it. Spend less time searching and more time doing.
  • AVA can respond to your people's queries and questions, removing lengthy back and forth and allowing them to focus on what's important.
  • Customise your AVA experience to your business needs, so that your people have got the tailored help they need.


Instant answers to common questions means your people can get the right information they need, straight away

  • 65% of people within the organisations are either keen to adopt, or open to discovering, new technology. The time has never been riper to adopt new tech.
  • Boost the happiness of your people and augment their experience by giving them the tools they need to make their work a success
  • Employees now expect to see the same level of technology in the workplace as they do at home.

With AVA, your teams can focus on achieving business goals rather than processes and procedures

  • Do more with AVA. Boost productivity when it matters and make your year a success.
  • Make your work smarter. With less in you and your people's inbox, your teams can concentrate on building back better.
  • With repetitive and manual tasks taken care of, you can focus on strategy and making a difference to your people and business.

Available on Cloud HR

AVA will be available soon for all Cloud HR customers, for free, as standard. With free updates for life, AVA will grow and evolve as your business needs and market challenges dictates, helping you take on whatever is thrown at you. AVA will soon be available on the MyWorkplace platform and work across multiple products and solutions - assisting with not just HR problems and enquiries but finance, IT and more.

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Our HR software has an Advanced Virtual Assistant (AVA) incorporated to help you manage your tasks easily.


Our mission is to make work easier for our customers, which is exactly what MyWorkplace is designed to do. Often, teams get bogged down in distractions and the complexities of manual processes created by complicated technology and processes. MyWorkplace is designed to remove admin barriers and blockers which stops employees for making a difference every day, silencing the noise and getting your teams back to doing what they love.

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