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MyWorkplace makes the complex simple, but in order to do so it is driven by some key features and functionality. Take a further look at the techy stuff and find out how it all works.

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Putting the ‘My’ into MyWorkplace; Desks in MyWorkplace enable employees to choose and personalise the applications which are most important to them. As the main interactive space in MyWorkplace, users have Desks to improve their daily productivity – focusing on the things important to them.


Create space and remove distractions

Enable employees to choose and personalise the applications which are most important to them. By removing the noise often found in big systems, users can focus on the small amounts of functionality that truly matter to them and their specific role.

Designed to empower users to work however suits them best

We don’t let our managers or senior leaders organise our physical desks, so why should they dictate how we organise work on their device? MyWorkplace enables them to personalise thier virtual desk as they see fit.

Do more, with less

By creating personalised Desks, users can quickly access exactly what they need. Having easier access to applications and workflows means you and your teams can do more with less getting in the way.


Applets reside on the Desks – and each Applet represents a specific information point, short workflow or small piece of activity (e.g. booking annual leave) from an application like Cloud HR. Multiple Applets can be placed on a single Desk and you can mix and match them from different applications.


Improve productivity 

Applets simply enable users to get stuff done with no fuss. Each Applet represents a small action, for example raising a PO, booking annual leave or inputting expenses.

Remove admin

Saving time on the basics means no more lengthy admin for employees. Individuals are freed up to focus on the important, value adding activity that they’re passionate about.

Relieve system fatigue

The majority of users only need a small fraction of the functionality within a software system on a regular basis. For most people trying to navigate unfamiliar technology just to do one simple task creates system fatigue and means they may put off completing work. Applets give direct access to snippets of functionality which make it easier than ever to complete small tasks efficiently and effectively.


On any given working day, tasks and actions can quickly mount up if they are not monitored. MyWorkplace includes a built-in Task Manager that identifies user-related tasks from across all the shared Advanced applications, presenting them in one central location.


Combined list of activities from all the connected applications

The Task Manager helps you keep on top of priorities. It also allows you to take action, without having to go through the main application.

Focus on doing

Getting stuff done is exactly the aim of MyWorkplace. The Task Manager is there to make sure you keep focused on what needs to get sorted.

Tasks automatically completed for you

Tasks and automation go hand-in-hand with MyWorkplace. Next step actions, entry of data, reassigning or escalation of activities can all be automated, saving time and releasing users to concentrate on their actual work.

Advanced Virtual Assistant (AVA)

Your people just want to get the job done. That’s where AVA comes in. AVA takes care of the repetitive – letting your people focus on what’s important.  

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