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Accelerating digital transformation with Advanced Speech Recognition
Blog //02-08-2022

Accelerating digital transformation with Advanced Speech Recognition

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

In the legal profession’s quest for time saving tools, dictation, dictaphones and transcription were one of the initial ventures and as such has been one that many believe is not as effective as it should.

But fast forward to today, and the dictation and speech recognition has come a long way. Nearly 90% of what you speak is accurately transcribed, plus solutions have the functionality to process dictations in a number of languages as well as more voice commands to further improve dictation performance.

Advanced’s Digital Dictation solution features enhanced and deferred speech recognition powered by artificial intelligence provided by Amazon Web Services. This means more accurate transcriptions and secure integrations to help your business:

Faster than typing

Any piece of technology that helps you get tasks done quicker simply equates to time equals money. Capturing the spoken word and turning it into text is not only fast and easy, it speeds document turnaround time, helps you complete matters more quickly and reduces pressure on support staff.

Save time

Not only does the Real Time module allow fee earners to work independently, but it can also be integrated with your current workflows. This enables collaborative efficiency, by allowing draft documents, such as reports or case notes, to be submitted directly into the workflow for further input and completion by support teams.

Accurate & easy

With zero footprint voice training, Front End trains itself to recognise the pronunciations, intonations and stresses that are particular to the user’s voice, making the process feel natural. It allows document authors to work seamlessly, and efficiently, simply by using the power of their voice.

We’re your legal software partner

Click here to find out more about how our Digital Dictation Speech Recognition product helps law firms work more effectively and in a time-related matter.

More than 5,000 law firms and barristers chambers across the UK trust us to keep them ahead of the curve. With legal procedures becoming ever-more digitised, our solutions are designed so you can not only meet the challenge but go beyond it and utilise software powered possibility to maximise efficiency, ensure security and compliance and make the day-to-day easier.

For more information about our Advanced Digital Dictation Speech Recognition product, click here.

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