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Top 7 apps to improve efficiency for business professionals
Press //19-08-2015

Top 7 apps to improve efficiency for business professionals

by Amanda Grant, Chief Product Officer

Leading apps provide real-time access to key documents and data remotely

Business professionals today face increasing pressure to complete work and project-related tasks in a timelier manner. This can be compounded by endless meetings, protracted ways of storing and retrieving key documents and an inability to access real-time data.

Below, Simon Fowler, Managing Director, Exchequer, at Advanced, reveals his top seven apps which can assist decision makers to increase efficiency.

  1. 1Password – The helpful app creates unique passwords and helpfully stores them all in one place. By entering a ‘master’ password, users can quickly access all passwords to ensure they never forget the log-in details for an application or credit card information again. All data stored within 1Password is protected using secure AES-256 encryption technology.
  2. Doodle – The online scheduler coordinates the most suitable meeting availability for multiple attendees. The organiser can use Doodle to send a poll with a suggested meeting date and time to a group of recipients who can quickly confirm whether they are free or busy, eliminating unnecessary back-and-forth emails and telephone calls.
  3. Evernote - Users can make and share notes, take pictures and capture any form of data which they can access at any time. From storing receipts and invoices to capturing presentation slides and web-based articles, Evernote backs up all files between a user’s smartphone, computer or tablet device to ensure data is never lost.
  4. Any.Do – The simple task planner streamlines the organisation and management of ‘to do lists’ and seamlessly synchronises them across multiple devices. Any.Do’s powerful auto-suggest feature and voice recognition technology enables users to quickly share tasks with their contacts to increase project collaboration.
  5. Docs to Go – By providing the ability to edit and create Microsoft Office files and view PDF documents on Android smartphones and tablets, Docs to Go assists busy professionals to work from anywhere. The app also provides a simple way to manage and save important documents which are stored in the cloud.
  6. Dropbox – The cloud-based solution securely stores documents, photos and videos which can be distributed from multiple devices to increase productivity. Users can create shared folders to work on projects where files can be uploaded and synchronised with ease. Dropbox can also send large files without using email attachments, reducing the strain on IT infrastructures.
  7. TurboScan – Smartphones are transformed into multipage scanners for documents, receipts, notes and other text using TurboScan. Documents are stored as multipage PDF or JPEG files, eliminating time-consuming manual processes such as submitting expense claims. The app can also send files to a predefined email address or upload them to online storage sites like Evernote.

Advanced is continually developing solutions to meet the increasing demand for mobile technology. The Advanced eXchequer365 app provides remote visibility of key financial data via the Advanced Exchequer finance system and works seamlessly across desktop, smartphone and tablet devices. Users can process orders, authorise transactions and create and view tailored management reports, anytime and anywhere.

Fowler comments,

“These leading apps enable business professionals to work both faster and smarter, irrespective of their location. The ability to share and authorise key documents from any device also helps them to speed-up management reporting and purchase-to-pay processes, maintaining financial control even when on the move.”
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Amanda Grant

Amanda Grant


Chief Product Officer

Amanda joined OneAdvanced in 2018 and was promoted to CPO in 2019 following a successful stint as Product Strategy Director, being responsible for the correct investment decisions.

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