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Are you getting the most out of your performance management system?

23/06/2022 minute read Hannah Hirst

Are your managers having regular meaningful one to one conversations with each member of their team?

Have you enabled employees to give and receive real-time feedback to everyone in your organisation?

Have you scrapped the outdated and bias annual appraisal approach for a continuous model?

No? Then we’d like to empower you to start saying yes to great communication, yes to better engagement, yes to short term agile goals, yes to getting the most from performance management in your organisation.  

Great performance management isn’t just about getting the most out of your- staff, it’s also about supporting their well-being and boosting engagement in order to spot burn out early, minimise sick days taken due to stress and reduce resignations.

All of this leads to a happier, more productive workforce, and sets you ahead as an employer people are proud to work for.  

That’s why over the next few months we’ll be taking a deep dive into the ways organisations and their employees can optimise performance management in their organisation, by using a continuous approach, following some easy guidelines, and having a strong performance management tool.

Subjects will include:

  • How to become a top performer using performance management
  • Getting the most out of performance conversations
  • Maximizing performance with great goal setting
  • How to boost your self-development with performance management
  • Top tips for giving and receiving feedback
  • Setting a strong development plan with your employee

We’re creating this content to help organisations understand how to encourage great performance management, but also to help employees see how adopting performance management in their organisation can help them in their day to day lives, and in their development.

We strongly believe that every organisation, whatever the sector, whatever the size, can have a great continuous performance management system in place. The right solution will support and guide staff all year round, give managers the tools they need to lead their team, and give HR and leaders visibility to monitor performance and engagement across their organisation.  

To find out more about great continuous performance management, book a free demo of our Clear Review platform today, and start your journey to saying YES to a happier and more engaged workforce.