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Britain’s oldest manufacturer partners with Advanced

07/08/2020 minute read Mark Dewell

Advanced Business Solutions has signed a new deal with Britain’s oldest manufacturer, Firmin & Sons, which will see the Birmingham based business firm implement Advanced’s Cloud-based business management solution, Business Cloud Essentials. 

Firmin & Sons have been a long standing customer of Advanced and will be moving from a legacy premise system to the Cloud as part of their future growth plans. Advanced’s Cloud-adoption programme for customers, PACE, has enabled the team to see the benefits in Cloud technology and removed the perceived fear of system migration.

Business Cloud Essentials is a business management solution designed specifically for UK manufacturers and covers all the essentials including: CRM, finance and accounting, sales, purchase, stock, production and payroll.

For Firmin & Sons, moving to the Cloud is a key milestone in their continued business success. One of the key catalysts for change was the rapid digitisation of the manufacturing market and a change in demand from their customer base. Although on premise software has served their business well for many years, it became clear that moving to the Cloud would be key to future success and remaining competitive. One of the key requirements for Firmin & Sons was e-Commerce functionality to enable sales from their online shop to integrate directly into Business Cloud Essentials. This need has become heightened due to the increased demand in online orders due to Covid-19.

Mark Dewell, Managing Director at Advanced, concludes: “Business Cloud Essentials is a unique proposition for small manufacturers looking to grow and evolve as the need to go digital becomes more pertinent. Business Cloud Essentials offers Firmin & Sons an opportunity to fully integrate all business operations and meet changing customer demands – helping them transform digitally whilst remaining within the Advanced family through our PACE programme. As a long standing customer we are absolutely delighted to continue our work with Firmin & Sons and we look forward to supporting them on their continued journey as a great British manufacturer”.