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Celebrating World Product Day at OneAdvanced
Blog //15-05-2024

Celebrating World Product Day at OneAdvanced

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

What is World Product Day?

World Product Day, celebrated annually in May, is a global event that brings together product managers and enthusiasts from all corners of the world. Organised by Mind the Product, this day is dedicated to sharing knowledge, experiences, and best practices in the field of product management. It features local meetups, online events, and a wealth of shared content, all aimed at fostering a vibrant and supportive community of product professionals.

How OneAdvanced is celebrating

At OneAdvanced, we believe that innovation and continuous improvement are at the heart of creating exceptional products. To mark this special occasion, we have organised a day of internal sessions designed to inspire and educate our team. The highlight of the day will be a collaborative workshop featuring our AI Centre of Excellence and Microsoft, where we will delve into the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and explore how they can be leveraged to enhance our product offerings.

In addition to the workshop, we will have several other sessions focused on product innovation, customer-centric design, and agile methodologies. These sessions will provide our team with valuable knowledge and tools to drive our products forward and continue delivering exceptional value to our customers. By participating in World Product Day, we not only gain insights from industry leaders but also contribute our own experiences and learnings to the broader product management community.

Celebrating World Product Day

During the morning session, we grabbed Kellie Oxley, one of our Group Product Owners, to ask her some quick-fire questions in honour of World Product Day. She shared insights into her role within the product space:

Her role:

Kellie leads the team responsible for developing the People suite of products, focusing on delivering exceptional value to customers. Her days are filled with varied activities, from team meetings to problem-solving and strategic planning.

Evolution of her role:

Previously focused on specific projects, she now oversees multiple products. This broader perspective allows her to offer more effective guidance to her team, drawing on her extensive experience.

What she loves most about her job:

The opportunity to work with an incredible team and apply her passion for product management to ensure they are meeting customer needs effectively.

Describing her work in three words:

Proud, People, Exciting.

Her excitement for the year:

She is eager to deepen the understanding of customer needs, aligning her efforts with the company’s goal to power the world of work.

Join the celebration

As we celebrate World Product Day, we invite you to join us in recognising the dedication and ingenuity of product managers everywhere. Follow our social media channels for live updates from our internal sessions and insights from our team. Let’s celebrate the power of great product management together!

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