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Cloud Use in Further Education: Maximising Efficiency

Cloud Use in Further Education: Maximising Efficiency

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

Moving Towards the Cloud

Across the UK, FE organisations and ITPs are increasingly using cloud-based technologies to bring greater efficiencies for educators, learners, senior leaders, and support staff. A 2023 survey by OneAdvanced showed that 69% of educational establishments (schools and FE) use some form of cloud technology on a regular basis.

This figure will undoubtably rise further, with wholesale cloud adoption likely for most educational organisations within the next few years. This mass adoption should bring efficiency gains in cost, time, and operational management.

Cost and the Environment

With tightly squeezed budgets putting strain on colleges and ITPs, cloud-based software solutions can offer appreciable cost savings. By moving away from on-premise servers, cloud migration can lower energy costs, minimise licensing fees, and reduce the need for in-house or third-party maintenance and repair teams.

Cloud adoption can also aid in the delivery of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) goals. According to a collaborative study by Microsoft and WSP, the cloud produces up to 98% fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to on-premise infrastructure.

The Automation Advantage

Having an efficient, cloud-based Learner Management System (LMS) in place saves time for teachers and administrators in the delivery of 16-19 training. OneAdvanced’s LMS solution (widely known as PICS) streamlines the process of ILR submission while ensuring accurate end-of-month data.

The OneAdvanced LMS is used throughout the entire learner journey, from application and onboarding through to employee matching and stakeholder reporting. Utilising the agility of the cloud, the platform is automatically kept up to date with the latest ESFA funding requirements.

Reducing Workload

A key area in which efficiencies can be maximised is through the OneAdvanced ePortfolio. Used widely by FE colleges and providers throughout the UK, the OneAdvanced ePortfolio is a powerful, all-in-one system for apprenticeship management, designed to greatly reduced the burden of administration and ensure the accuracy of learner data.

Our cloud-based eportfolio saves significant time for back-office staff with centralised data on reviews, assessments, and Off the Job hours. The platform makes it easy to build a detailed learner record, with clear visibility on progression, courses, and qualifications. The ePortfolio also incorporates in-app learner communication, ensuring students stay engaged and on-task.

Smart Assessment

Another area in which the cloud can greatly improve efficiencies is through smart assessment tools. The OneAdvanced Assessment and Learning solution (also known as bksb) utilises the ‘always on’ accessibility of the cloud in the delivery of Functional Skills and GCSE practice and assessment for post-16 learners.

Accessible on any mobile device, learners can practice at any time and from any location, while course leaders can access all the learner data they need on-demand. Using adaptive AI, Assessment and Learning produces a highly accurate record of assessment and progress that can easily be exported for funding and inspection.


For educators and support staff, the cloud represents less time spent on administrative duties, more precise data, and access to learner records at any time and location. Learners are better engaged with cloud tools that allow them 24-hour mobile access, and cloud-based systems make life easier for HR teams, whether dealing with applications, onboarding, or end-of-month submissions.

For FE and training providers, utilising cloud-based solutions brings greater efficiency to all levels of the organisation. As the march towards wholesale cloud adoption continues at pace, senior leaders and decision makers would be wise to begin prioritising cloud-based tools as they move away from outdated and costly legacy infrastructure.

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