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Customer Testimonial: John McKee Solicitors
Press //27-07-2015

Customer Testimonial: John McKee Solicitors

by Doug Hargrove, SVP - Legal, Professional Services, Distribution, Logistics, Manufacturing

As part of ongoing investment in its IT infrastructure, John McKee Solicitors turned to Advanced Legal to implement their ALB Practice Management Solution.

John McKee Solicitors, one of Northern Irelands leading legal practices, has been looking to replace its existing collection of Practice and Case Management solutions with a single unified system that could streamline their current processes and create a platform that could flex with their growing business, and the changing competitive landscape of the legal market. As part of ongoing investment in its IT infrastructure and office systems the firm turned to Advanced Legal to implement their ALB Practice Management Solution, choosing to adopt the workflow process automation toolkit in addition to the core case and accounting platform.

Philip McBride, Partner at John McKee’s, provides his thoughts on the transition;

“As a Corporate law firm our practice is well versed in a wide range of legal areas, from banking and financial services to debt recovery, corporate restructuring, IP litigation, residential conveyancing, estate planning and employment law. With such a diverse portfolio of legal services we needed to find a way to manage our output across a single platform in the most efficient manner possible.”

“ALB gave us the perfect platform from which to start - as a single, fully integrated solution everything is connected together so the transition between clients, matters, documents and accounts/billing was seamless. This provided a strong template to build on, and then we introduced workflow.”

“The Workflow Toolkit allows ALB to become completely customisable, which means it can fit perfectly into our existing business processes. It’s incredibly simple to use with a very user- friendly interface allowing processes to be built with ease, and the simple drag-and-drop approach to process design means that things can be changed quickly and easily without fuss or complicated coding. The Workflow Toolkit is also a really effective tool when managing the different teams in the business as it allows us to dictate a unified approach to items such as matter management and client inception. It also helps when introducing mandatory data fields so as to ensure that all the necessary compliance checks are in place and carried out, helping to manage risk.”

“This level of simplicity of using the Workflow Toolkit to modify ALB allows us to respond to changes in the market and improve our processes with ease. The level of flexibility means we can adapt to an ever changing legal market, making the Toolkit a truly valuable feature.”

“Deploying the Case-App reduces costs by allowing us to become more productive with our existing resources. The solution has enabled us to become more streamlined with our client and matter management and the powerfully quick document production facility means letter writing and form completion is more efficient.“

“Throughout this process the Advanced Legal Team have been there to help us in any way possible. When we looked to replace our current IT structure we wanted to find a supplier with whom we could build a lasting partnership. Advanced have a great local team who work hard and are within reach to enable us to realise all the benefits of our investment.”

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Doug Hargrove

Doug Hargrove


SVP - Legal, Professional Services, Distribution, Logistics, Manufacturing

Doug joined OneAdvanced in 2013 via an acquisition, and brings over 25 years of senior management experience in software companies in the UK and globally.

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