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Docman 10 saves GPs up to 40 minutes per day

02/03/2018 minute read Ric Thompson

Docman 10 is a cloud based software platform that manages the transfer of care within a healthcare organisation. As it is accessed entirely through a web browser, it is accessible from anywhere, at any time and through any device. Designed to meet the challenges of a 21st Century health economy, Docman 10 supports Federations, new models of care and 7-day access and having recently been granted full roll-out approval by NHS Digital, it is set to revolutionise the digital transfer of care.

Docman 10 increases efficiencies and eases the mounting pressure upon healthcare professionals. A new enhanced user interface means Docman 10 can provide even greater productivity from fewer clicks with tailor-made Quick Steps. With the power of one click, you can send documents around your practice to single or groups of Docman users in real time, with the ability to annotate, comment and add actions to patient documents. The fewer the clicks, the easier and quicker the action. This frees up healthcare professionals to place their focus where it belongs, patient care.

It is increasingly common for practices to use locums to meet demand. The single sign-on functionality of Docman 10 provides the convenience for locums to access the platform – all the while, retaining that all important security. Additionally, it provides GPs with the flexibility they need to provide care outside of the surgery walls. Docman 10 is accessible on a mobile or tablet device whilst on a home visit, ensuring GPs have complete access to patient records, so they can make the same informed decision they would from their desk.

New to Docman 10, is the feature to build your own back office apps. These are fully customisable, so you can tailor them to your exact needs and build new ones as and when they are required. Record keeping for areas such as care plans and fridge temperatures can all be stored securely and there’s no need for a paper copy that can easily get mislaid.

Docman 10 has been recognised by Tracy Dell, Practice Manager of Plane Trees Group Practice in Halifax, who made the transition from Docman GP to Docman 10 towards the end of last year.

“Docman has not only saved us time but has increased our productivity which greatly benefit the patients we serve.”
Tracy Dell, Practice Manager of Plane Trees Group Practice in Halifax