Healthera choose Advanced's Docman Connect to streamline correspondence with pharmacies

Published 27/06/2018 by Advanced, Editor

Advanced announce that app-based platform Healthera has chosen Advanced's Docman Connect to streamline correspondence with pharmacies

27 June 2018 – App-based platform, Healthera, service hundreds of pharmacies around the country. Their software allows patients to communicate with their pharmacies, track their prescriptions, receive automatically generated medicine reminders and book clinical services.

Pharmacies were spending too much time forwarding countless prescription requests from patients to GPs – time that could be better invested in providing individualised services to their patients. “Docman Connect seemed like the obvious choice for clinical correspondence – it is flexible and easy to implement, carries authority, and has great coverage among GP practices nationwide” explained Quintus Liu, CEO, Healthera.

Advanced’s Docman Connect is a cross-organisational platform to manage clinical correspondence nationally, out of the area or across an STP. “When patients order their repeat prescriptions through Healthera’s app, these will be electronically transferred to GPs using Docman Connect, replacing the current paper, email and fax. As we send thousands of documents each week, this will be invaluable in saving pharmacies time, as well as being fully trackable at every stage so that the pharmacy is always in-the-know,” said Quintus Liu, CEO, Healthera.

Healthera feel that Docman Connect suits them perfectly not just now, but for their long-term goals. Quintus Liu, CEO, Healthera expressed that “Advanced develop scalable technology solutions. As we expand our volume of prescription orders and a number of partnering GPs, Advanced will handle all the complexities of clinical correspondence so we can focus on creating a great user experience for patients.”

Healthera mark the first app to choose the Connect solution and look forward to seeing the transformation of their efficiencies through its implementation.