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How a forms software can save you time and money everyday
Blog //08-03-2023

How a forms software can save you time and money everyday

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

In today’s market law firms are tasked with many challenges. Paramount of these is ensuring profitability amid a looming recession and wavering consumer confidence. Fortunately, a digital implementation allows one to streamline operations to maximise time and of course money – providing an easier experience for both staff and clients alike. Form filling is one clear route to achieving this.

Forms can be painstaking to fill out, especially if you’re in a department that fills out forms manually considering the human error involved. A cloud-based solution that integrates with your current case management software could reduce the number of errors and save your fee-earners hours each week, and thousands on the balance sheet.

As with all law firms, you desire maximum productivity with minimal errors along with time-saving benefits. Inevitably, when there is less manual input on the forms, human error is less likely to occur. Meaning less to any compensation claims. In the end, errors like these cost a firm time and money, as well as affecting its reputation, resulting in fewer clients visiting the firm.

In today's legal practice, forms software should be able to save time and resources while also being mobile - meaning more forms are completed every month without errors, allowing your fee-earners to service more clients and provide a more effective service to your clients.

Form filling is perfect for online cases, bills, contests, forms, and more! For those really unique forms, use our custom field feature with our Advanced Cloud Form software on all of your devices including smartphone’s while even on the go.   

Introducing Cloud Forms 

Advanced offers a dedicated Cloud Forms solution, keeping law firms and fee-earners ahead of the curve. Cloud Forms offers time saving strategies on your forms and with more forms being produced on a monthly basis meaning less resources being used so that your practice is remaining ahead of the competition and future digital advances. Cloud Forms saves 15 billable minutes per form – that means your fee-earners could fill out an extra 300 forms a month.

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