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How can a cloud based system help you stay compliant?

02/08/2022 minute read OneAdvanced PR

The challenges of remaining compliant when handling data for chambers is ever more difficult – not only are you handling client data, but through evidence gathering, court appearances, and a time-sensitive need to process data – it can be difficult to ensure that data is secure.

Our cloud-based case collaboration tool means that this can be done safely and in full compliance of GDPR through our case collaboration platform. Our system has the ability to prioritise client data security with central administration rights that assign permissions to individuals and ensure you are always in control of user access. It becomes redundant for the need to save data locally or rely on insecure email messaging to collaborate on cases.

Beyond data security, these tools reduce the administration involved in handling boxes of casework and filing by hosting your case files and evidence from all sources in one place – saving you time, money and paper. As well as efficiency in ensuring nothing is lost as everything submitted is available to you when you need it most.

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