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How to adapt to changing client expectations?
Blog //12-12-2022

How to adapt to changing client expectations?

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

Law firms in the UK are undergoing a rapid transformation as they transition at pace to a digital future. To remain competitive, law firms need to meet clients’ expectations on how they operate, whether that is through digital means, being available online and accepting digital documents, meeting ESG commitments and developing a sustainable strategy, all whilst remaining competitive on price.

Using digital platforms and systems is no longer a consideration for the future, this is happening now. Of course the pandemic accelerated this process, but digital change was always something that needed to happen. Whether this is the end of paper-based systems with environmental and cost concerns in mind, being able to access company documents and processes remotely or on the move, with the move to hybrid working models, or simply combining all work and cases onto a single company system for efficiency, client service and company processes. No one can deny that digital change is anything but positive.

Here are the main changes in your client’s expectations:

  • Increased casework indicates higher demand for legal services
  • Change of working habits to online and working remotely
  • Having a digital solution to keep client’s connected

How can a case management system help to manage client expectations?

A good case management system will allow your clients to get the information that they want and need more quickly and efficiently. Anyone involved in a case can access the information that they need securely and at any time.

Notifications can be set automatically within the systems, which go out direct to your clients, whilst attaching important communication documents direct to files, and keeping a digital record accessible to all those involved in the case. Because communications are automatically tracked, you don’t need to worry about filing and this will save you time and allow you to focus on what your clients need.

When you have all your customer information in one place, it's easy to visualise data and create reports demonstrating and tracking case progress. Dashboards can be viewed by select staff and managers for quick views of progress and team performance, allowing the identification of any areas which are needed to progressor need attention allowing cases to be dealt with more efficiently.

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