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Blog //21-08-2023

5 real benefits of integrating HR and Payroll

by Hannah Hirst, Content Executive

What is HR and payroll integration?

Payroll and HR integration is the practice of connecting your payroll software with the HR management system you use. This ensures accurate data flow between systems, creating consistency across your people management tech. Imagine syncing payroll seamlessly with your core HR system or time and attendance tracking software, simplifying data exchange, eliminating the hassle of manually inputting employee information.

But what are the real, tangible benefits of integrating your payroll with your HR system?


It saves time

Having your HR and payroll processes scattered across multiple systems leads to the unnecessary duplication of data input. This consumes the valuable time of key personnel, taking away from other areas that matter. By integrating your HR and payroll software, you can streamline administrative tasks with the power of automated system workflows.

What does this mean for your day to day? By freeing your HR team of these unnecessary tasks they have the time and resources to turn their attention to your organisation’s people, allowing them to focus instead on HR strategy, boosting performance, improving employee engagement and so on.   


Straight forward reporting

When HR and payroll systems collaborate seamlessly, HR and payroll teams can effortlessly tap into a single, reliable source to generate reports, including the gender pay gap report, without any unnecessary time wastage. The HR team can then unlock the benefits of analytics to gain valuable insights into their organisation.

Better reporting makes life easier for everyone involved, clearly laying out the information needed, allowing for better informed pay and HR decisions to be made quickly and easily. This saves time, reduces stress and improves decision making at a time when speed and confidence in data are vital.    


Reward your people seamlessly

With HR and payroll integration you can easily handle pay reviews, while creating a distribution curve based on employee performance. By leveraging this information, you can identify top performers for fair compensation.

By integrating your systems there is no more guesswork or hoping to acknowledge the right people. Advanced HR empowers you to gather insights from various data points, including KPIs, commission figures, and feedback platforms like Advanced Clear Review.

By removing the fear of inaccurately identifying top performers, you can achieve a cultural shift in which you show a fair and consistent track record of rewarding your employees. This means your employees will know that you value and recognise their efforts whenever they go above and beyond, encouraging to do this more and more.


Better compliance

Reducing mistakes in payroll not only helps you avoid potential fines, but it also ensures that tax payment information is accurately communicated to HMRC. Additionally, integrating HR and payroll enhances compliance with data protection and other HR legislation by automating various aspects such as tracked consent, managing subject access requests, and maintaining a clear audit trail.

You can also securely store sensitive GDPR and special-listed information in one place. This means employees' payroll numbers, tax details, and personal contact info are all safely managed.

So no more stressing about data breaches, or constantly gathering and duplicating information! This streamlines the process, reducing manual work and making life easier for both employees and HR teams.


Confidence in your data   

By using an integrated system for payroll and HR, you can boost data accuracy and save time. When juggling multiple databases, it often leads to human errors, especially with different departments involved. But fear not, an integrated HR and payroll solution simplifies data management, eliminating duplication and inspiring trust in data accuracy.

Not only does this benefit the organisation, but it also ensures employees receive their accurate wages on time, every time.


You can find out more about integrated HR and payroll here, or if you're ready to jump right in why not book a hassle-free demo.


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Hannah Hirst

Hannah Hirst


Content Executive

Hannah is a content writer for OneAdvanced, specifically focusing on our performance management software. Hannah loves delivering insightful and informative content to prospects and customers.

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