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Keeping up with the evolution of communication
Blog //15-08-2023

Keeping up with the evolution of communication

by Hannah Hirst, Content Executive

The way we communicate is evolving

Over the last 20-30 years the way we communicate in the workplace has changed drastically! With the rapid development of technology the way we get in touch with others has become easier and easier, making some forms of communication pretty much obsolete.

When was the last time you faxed someone? If you are in your 20s there is a good chance you’ve never even used a fax machine. Why? Because there are quicker and easier ways to communicate! The fax was replaced by email, text messages, and even instant messages like Microsoft Teams.

Do you want to talk to someone instead? Would you pick up a phone from your desk and type in their number? Probably not; nowadays a lot of people don’t even own desk phones, as video calls made directly from your work computer are easier and more personal.

Why is it important to keep up with evolving communication?

Organisations need to allow their employees, particularly those of the younger generation, to communicate in a way that feels right to them. This is especially important when it comes to giving feedback. Receiving feedback is vital for development, performance and goal setting, so opening the door for your employees to give as much feedback as possible is key to better performing and more engaged employees.

By giving your employees multiple ways to give feedback you can make your people feel more comfortable communicating their thoughts to their co-workers. For example, some people may worry about the tone of their feedback when writing it, or whether their feedback will get lost in translation. In this situation they may feel happier giving their feedback verbally.

A lot of people nowadays favour sending voice notes to sending texts, they find it quicker, easier and that they can get their point across clearer. It might take somebody 15-20 minutes to type out a piece of written feedback, over analysing their wording choice, worrying about spelling and grammar and so on, where as they could send a voice note covering all the same points within 2 minutes.

You could also have an employee who wants to type out their feedback, but they usually use tools to help them when it comes to writing. With AI tools getting more and more popular it is likely that many people may come to rely on writing assistant tools to ensure what they are saying is worded well and mistake free.

How can you help your employees communicate feedback?

How can you allow your employees to give feedback in a way they want, in real time, whilst also ensuring all feedback is stored as part of a person’s performance overview?            

With Advanced Clear Review employees can give feedback in writing in their own words, with the option of using AI to assist them, or verbally through voice notes. Advanced Clear Review is a continuous   that has an integrated Microsoft Teams feedback function, allowing employees to give real-time feedback to anybody in their organisation.

This feedback is then shared with the employee, made viewable to the employee’s manager, and is stored on the platform to be viewed by HR and managers as part of that employee’s performance journey. This way, feedback can be used by employees and managers to set performance and development goals, as well as giving HR a fuller look at a person’s performance over a period of time.  

It makes no difference if this feedback is given in text, using a voice note or with the help of AI, as long as someone is able to fully communicate their thoughts to their co-workers it is valuable insight that can be used to help their colleagues grow.      

If you would like to find out more about our continuous performance management solution and all the features it has to offer, you can get in touch with us today!

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Hannah Hirst

Hannah Hirst


Content Executive

Hannah is a content writer for OneAdvanced, specifically focusing on our performance management software. Hannah loves delivering insightful and informative content to prospects and customers.

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