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Is it time to upgrade your LMS?

Is it time to upgrade your LMS?

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

Reality check

The Learner Management System (LMS) has become a key component of successful apprenticeship and further education delivery. The ideal LMS is easy to use and maintain, gets maximum engagement from users and seamlessly integrates with other software. It is cost efficient, scalable, and can be tailored to your needs.

Of course, the reality can be very different. Many education providers are currently working with an LMS that is outdated, limited, and few people know how to use.

Signs you need to upgrade your LMS:

  • An outdated UI – an outdated user interface makes the LMS unintuitive and unappealing, lowering engagement
  • On-premise – stored as an application on local systems rather than the cloud, the LMS is expensive and restrictive
  • Slow and unresponsive – older LMS platforms typically become slow when they don’t have the capacity to cope with scale
  • Reduced support – if your tech partner is not updating the system and they’re pulling back on support, it’s time to move on
  • Limited functionality – a legacy LMS usually just stores and tracks the ILR and other key learner data – modern systems perform multiple key functions

Time saving

The OneAdvanced LMS put the needs of educators at the heart of everything it does. User-friendly and intuitive, our LMS can be used quickly by staff members, whether they be tutors, HR managers or senior leaders.

The Learner Management System is made to save educators from the burden of administration through a range of automations. Anna Falcucci, Data Manager at LMP Group describes the OneAdvanced LMS as exceptionally efficient:

“The ability to reconcile all that data and just get a list at the end of it is perfect. A five-minute job, not hours.”

Enhanced ILR data

With the OneAdvanced LMS, all learner data is easily accessible. The user can onboard new applicants, record prior qualifications, and connect to the Learning Records Service (LRS). The system makes it easy to track learner qualification progress, and manage assessments.

The learner record is divided into 3 categories: personal information, ILR-specific data and delivery plan tracking. Accurate and up to date learner snapshots are available at the click of a button.

It’s even easy to migrate your old ILR data to our LMS – the expert team at OneAdvanced will transfer your old data into a structure that suits your needs.

Cloud hosted

With no need to install any software, the OneAdvanced LMS is hosted in the cloud, making it quick and easy to set up. Individual users can be granted permissions, meaning they only have access to the functions they need for their role.

Our accredited security management system ensures your data is kept secure at all times – there’ s no need to install additional applications. You’ll also receive automatic updates, meaning you’ll always have the latest version of our software.

Another advantage of being in the cloud is the agility you gain – users can access the LMS anywhere with an internet connection, giving them an ‘always on’ system that can be used in any location.

Funding and reporting

With inbuilt validations and reconciliation against funding reports, our LMS offers one version of truth for your organisation, giving you data you can rely on for maximum funding.

The team of education experts at OneAdvanced ensure compliancy with ESFA funding specifications throughout the year, and our ILR exporter tool takes all of the stress out of your end of month processes.

A wide range of customisable report templates can be generated instantly, providing clear analysis of learner progression and financial data, making reporting for stakeholders easy and intuitive.

Employer engagement

Made for the smooth onboarding of new business, the OneAdvanced LMS supports employer pipeline engagement, featuring online lead capture, opportunity tracking, and digital contracting.

The platform also matches each learner to their perfect placement, improving the relationship between the provider and employer, while improving course completion rates.

Open communication channels negates the need to email and track correspondence, easing the administrative burden for HR staff and tutors.

Integration and support

A powerful feature of the OneAdvanced LMS is how well it integrates with other OneAdvanced products, including Assessment and Learning, the best-in-class Digital and Functional Skills platform.

Known in the industry for their expert-level knowledge, the OneAdvanced support team go above and beyond to provide ongoing help and support whenever it is needed.

Hands-on training is provided from the get-go, meaning your users are able to benefit fully from each area of the solution. Ongoing training is provided onsite and online, meaning you’re always up to date as we continue to improve and enhance our software.

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