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Is your Cloud-based platform working effectively?

03/10/2022 minute read OneAdvanced PR

Legal cases within a barristers’ chambers are ever developing and can be massively different from one case to the next. As such, barristers, clerks, and anybody else working on the case needs to be able to work free from complications. A stronger Cloud-based platform tool gives your remote and hybrid teams the tools they need to communicate from wherever they work.

A Cloud-based platform is a managed service accessed and built via a cloud technology database for instance access. Servers can be accessed over the Internet, and the software and databases that run on those servers.

Here at Advanced, we have our Case Collaboration product, MLC, offering your chambers secure remote working using a class-leading system that allows every digital case file to be created with intelligence. The platform has built-in easy-to-use review tools designed to assist barristers in preparing and presenting a case with accuracy.

Clerks can upload case documentation with ease and barristers can utilise cutting-edge tools specifically placed to optimise case workflow. Advanced technology enables an intelligent digital case file to be built, reviewed, and shared with courts or clients efficiently.

Also, case collaboration in the cloud means that this can be done securely and in full compliance with GDPR, with the ability to prioritise client data security with administration rights that assign permissions to individuals to ensure you are always in control of user access. It also relegates the need to save data locally or rely on insecure email messaging to collaborate on cases.

The costs associated with large quantities of paper add up very quickly. Using Case Collaboration will remove expensive, slow, and inconvenient paper-based work processes, and replace them with dependable, streamlined procedures. You’ll also increase your chambers' referenceability by improving environmental performance, and demonstrating a conscious approach to the impact your provision of services has.

We are sponsoring and attending The Institute of Barristers’ Clerks annual dinner event in London on the 9th November, come and say hi to us and find out more on our MLC products.

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