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Islington Clinical Commissioning Group chooses Docman Share

13/07/2016 minute read Ric Thompson

Islington Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has chosen Docman Share to enable access to clinical documents, including transfer of care to support the delivery of an Integrated Digital Care Record.

Docman Share supports BT’s contract with Islington CCG and Islington Council to link up information systems currently in use by the borough’s 10,000 health and social care professionals. BT’s work will underpin the development of a single Integrated Digital Care Record for each of the borough’s 206,000 residents, as well as giving them secure access to their own electronic health record.

In line with the NHS Five Year Forward View, Docman Share supports record sharing by providing access to the latest version of a clinical document to help contribute towards a complete view of that record. In the future, Docman Share can be used to store and access any type of digital asset, such as images.

NHS Islington CCG is one of NHS England’s 25 Integrated Care Pioneer sites, chosen to try out new approaches to joining up health and social care. The Docman Share solution supports this as an enabler for providing access to patient letters, comments, annotations and all information associated with a document for clinicians and care workers.

Once health and care professionals have access to the integrated digital care record they will have access to all the associated clinical digital assets like documents through Docman Share.

The project covers 34 practices and enables access to the information contained in over 2,000,000 documents.

Ric Thompson, Managing Director, Health & Care, Advanced said “We are pleased to be supporting this exciting step in delivering an integrated care record for healthcare professionals and their patients. Docman Share provides a scalable platform to ensure all patient documents are made available across a health economy, truly joining up health and social care. Docman Share is also the mainstay for Docman 10, the latest version of the leading clinical content and workflow platform, hosted in the cloud and delivered entirely through a web browser on any device, anytime, anywhere.”

Dr Tony Kaye, Clinical Safety Officer, Docman, “Docman Share supports top quality care by offering clinicians access to all the latest patient related correspondence. It is imperative clinicians can view GP comments, actions and annotations on documents which Docman Share can now provide. Thus, with access to the clinical record and patient documents, integrated and more accurate care can be delivered at several locations, both in and out of hours.”

This new solution for secure access removes barriers and facilitates new possibilities and new ways of working. This is applicable but not restricted to GP federations, out-of-hours services, secondary care settings and sharing records across a CCG or group of CCGs. In addition, Docman Share has the ability to plug into various consumer application portals such as the Integrated Care Record that many CCGs are now embarking on.