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How can Azure Virtual Desktop benefit your business?
Blog //14-11-2022

How can Azure Virtual Desktop benefit your business?

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

Understanding Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is the comprehensive desktop virtualization service, that runs on the cloud through Microsoft Azure. AVD delivers users a cost effective, locked down Windows 10/11 PC desktop experience. AVD can also enable secure access to on-premises servers and remote applications with security controls defined through your organisations’ policies.

Read below to learn more about some of the key benefits:

Key Benefits

Expanding capabilities through the best virtualised end-user experience:

Users have the ability to connect to any platform with an experience just like a native environment. FSLogix profile containers allow user profiles to be carried across Azure VMs, therefore every time users connect to Azure, the end user experience is the same.

Increased efficiency and simplified management:

With AVD, you have the flexibility of managing user experiences through single and shared host pools, which can be centrally managed through the Azure portal, with the ability to implement auto-scale and automated VM deployments. Therefore, increasing efficiency and scalability of the organisation.

Increased security through a global cloud provider:

Azure Virtual Desktop leverages the advanced security capabilities of Microsoft Azure, enabling secure remote working. This includes Identity Management controls manged through Azure Active Directory, with MFA and Single Sign-On to increase the security of users accessing the Azure Virtual Desktop environment. Additionally, you have access to monitoring and diagnostics services to proactively inform organisations of any security issues.

Reduce costs with Azure Virtual Desktop:

Azure Virtual Desktop can help organisations reduce costs by allowing users to connect to their desktop from any device, alongside supporting BYOD culture. AVD licensing is already included within Microsoft 365 and Windows 10/11 Enterprise Licences, therefore the only costs to consider are Azure VMs, Networking and Storage. Furthermore, Azure consumption allows companies to scale up or down as needed, and only pay for the resources they consume, maximising return on investment.

To learn if AVD is right for you, join our webinar live or on-demand, where we will be covering the key considerations of Azure Virtual Desktop

Written by Reece Gohil, Microsoft Product Manager - Advanced

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