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How Outsourced IT Service Desks Can Revolutionise Housing Associations

24/05/2024 minute read OneAdvanced PR

IT leaders in Housing Associations face a delicate balance: optimising operational performance while providing exceptional services to tenants on a limited budget. Exceeding tenant expectations while overcoming financial constraints leads to constant competition. In this blog we’ll examine the problems housing authorities face and show how a proactive IT service desk can be the answer to solving these problems.

Current Challenges Facing Housing Associations

In recent years, IT leaders in housing associations are finding it more and more difficult to carry out their duties effectively, due to several challenges including:

Tenant Satisfaction Measures

In recent years, the importance of tenant satisfaction has skyrocketed. Housing Associations are now under greater scrutiny to meet and exceed tenant expectations consistently. With rising demands for better living conditions and faster issue resolution, delivering an exceptional tenant experience is no longer optional - it's a necessity.

Budget Constraints

High inflation rates have significantly impacted local authorities' spending abilities, placing more significant budgetary pressures on Housing Associations (HAs). Managing the fine balance between cost control and quality service delivery has never been more critical.

Staffing Shortages

Economic constraints have led to staffing shortages across multiple sectors, and Housing Associations are no exception. Reduced staffing levels directly impact the ability to provide timely and effective services, adding another layer of challenge for IT leaders.

Operational Efficiency Needs

To cope with these challenges, HAs must adopt efficient processes to 'do more with less.' Leveraging technology for better management and streamlined operations is essential for sustained success.

The Imperative for Efficiency and Fast Issue Resolution

Engaging with Tenants

Effective communication channels are pivotal for addressing tenant concerns swiftly. Quick and reliable responses not only improve tenant satisfaction but also mitigate risks associated with unresolved issues.

Avoiding System Downtime

IT systems are the backbone of any organisation, and Housing Associations are no exception. System downtime can disrupt service delivery and erode tenant trust. Maintaining innovative uninterrupted IT services is crucial.

Real-time Information

Access to real-time information empowers Housing Associations to make informed decisions rapidly. This capability enhances responsiveness and adaptability in an ever-changing environment, ensuring that HAs remain proactive rather than reactive.

Exploring the Benefits of an Outsourced Service Desk

Spurred by the challenges discussed above, organisations are increasingly outsourcing the service desk to a Managed Service Provider (MSP)- a third-party service provider specialising in managing and resolving IT-related issues and requests. Unlike in-house IT teams, outsourced service desks bring external expertise and resources to handle a diverse range of technical support tasks. They operate as an extension of the housing association's internal team, ensuring that tenant queries and technical issues are addressed efficiently and effectively.

By leveraging the skills and knowledge of an external provider, housing associations can benefit from a dedicated support team that is available around the clock, providing a seamless experience for both staff and tenants. This model not only alleviates the burden on in-house staff but also introduces best practices and advanced technologies tailored to enhance operational performance and tenant satisfaction.

Benefits include:

Cost Efficiency

Outsourcing the service desk can significantly reduce operational costs. MSPs offer scalable solutions that align with your budgetary constraints, allowing you to manage resources more effectively.

Expertise and Scalability

Leveraging specialised IT expertise through outsourcing enables Housing Associations to access top-tier technical skills without the need for direct employment. This model offers flexibility and scalability, adapting to your changing needs seamlessly.

Focus on Core Objectives

By alleviating the IT management burden, an outsourced service desk allows Housing Associations to concentrate on their primary mission: providing quality housing. This focus ensures that core objectives are not overshadowed by IT operational concerns.

Enhanced Tenant Services

An outsourced service desk can contribute to faster issue resolution and improved tenant satisfaction. With dedicated support teams, Housing Associations can ensure that tenant queries and problems are addressed promptly and effectively.


Outsourcing the service desk can be a game-changer for Housing Associations, transforming operational efficiency and enhancing tenant satisfaction. At OneAdvanced, we empower our users with self-service and self-healing options, and we accommodate various support scenarios, including standard business as usual support, tactical resource recruitment challenges, and supporting disaggregation from single suppliers, thereby improving service quality and user experience.

Get in touch today to learn more about how OneAdvanced can help your Housing Association thrive in a challenging landscape.