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Public sector cloud procurement: why should you buy from the Digital Marketplace?
Blog //10-11-2022

Public sector cloud procurement: why should you buy from the Digital Marketplace?

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

The G-Cloud framework was opened in 2012 as part of the government’s cloud-first policy, to assist public sector organisations with cloud service procurement, and it has recently entered its 13th iteration with G-Cloud 13. All solutions on the framework can be purchased through a catalogue called the Digital Marketplace. In this blog, we’ll outline some of the key benefits of purchasing solutions in this way.

  1. Speed

Where normal public sector tender processes can take months, purchasing from G-Cloud can get this down to weeks, or even days. This is because it lists all available off-the-shelf solutions and providers that meet your requirements in one place. Buyers can also direct award contracts, making this extremely quick and saving your organisation crucial time.

  1. Cost

The Digital Marketplace provides access to a competitive market with transparent pricing, which is often a key factor for public sector organisations on tight budgets.

  1. Standard Terms & Conditions

For companies to successfully join the framework, they have to adhere to specific terms and conditions. This means that buyers can be confident in the knowledge that the suppliers have been vetted and are all legitimate to do business with.

  1. Simple Evaluation

The marketplace provides a simple process for evaluating suppliers and their services all in one place, with the option to filter on specific criteria to create a shortlist.

  1. Access to the Latest Tech

Each iteration of G-Cloud only lasts a year, with suppliers having to reapply and list their solutions for each new agreement, so buyers get access to the latest technology and innovations.

  1. Fuelling Growth

Cloud technologies help companies achieve costs savings, become more efficient, accelerate digital transformation and reduce environmental impact. The G-Cloud marketplace makes it easier for organisations to access these solutions and deliver better public services.

Advanced are proud to be part of the G-Cloud 13 framework and have worked with numerous public sector organisations to help them transform. Learn more about Advanced IT Services.

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