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Unifying your services: the power of service integration and SIAM
Blog //29-08-2023

Unifying your services: the power of service integration and SIAM

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

In the modern business landscape, relying on multiple service providers to meet IT needs has become the norm. However, managing these relationships effectively can be a daunting task. This is where service integration comes into play. The Service Integration and Management (SIAM) framework offers a strategic approach to managing multiple suppliers of business services, ensuring they deliver seamless, integrated solutions that drive efficiency and value for your organisation. In this blog, we'll explore the growing importance of service integration, what it involves, key benefits, and how to approach it.

The growing need for service integration

A few years ago, there was a government directive which encouraged organisations to disaggregate from large suppliers to instead engaging numerous smaller ones which would be best in their field. For example, outsourcing your service desk to the best service desk provider and your device management to another. However, while this approach sounds like a good idea, it’s hard to get multiple suppliers working together cohesively. Consequently, the SIAM approach has regained popularity, serving as a framework that outlines the governing principles for how suppliers behave and interact with each other.

The SIAM framework

The SIAM framework, at its core, is a model designed to facilitate seamless collaboration and integration among multiple service providers. It provides an overarching management structure that maps out the responsibilities and expectations of each provider, promoting clear communication and coordination. The framework primarily consists of three layers:

  1. Business unit layer: This is the top layer where organisational priorities and objectives are defined. This layer is responsible for identifying the services that are required to support the business needs.

  2. Service integrator layer: This is the middle layer where the service integrator is situated. The service integrator acts as an intermediary between the customer and the service providers, ensuring that all services are correctly orchestrated and aligned with the business needs.

  3. Service provider layer: This is the bottom layer which consists of the various service providers who deliver the specific services to meet the business needs.

SIAM thus creates a single point of accountability and integration, ensuring that services are delivered in an effective, efficient manner that aligns with the organisation's strategic goals.

The role of the service integrator

The service integrator plays a pivotal role within the SIAM framework, acting as the linchpin that ensures the smooth operation of all services, and the seamless integration of multiple service providers. The primary function of the service integrator is to orchestrate and align all services with the organisation's business needs.

To achieve this, the service integrator is involved in a multitude of tasks such as defining the roles and responsibilities of each service provider, facilitating effective communication between all parties, and overseeing the delivery of services to ensure they meet the agreed upon standards and expectations.

The service integrator also monitors performance, tracks metrics, and addresses any issues or conflicts that may arise among the service providers. In essence, the service integrator acts as the organisation's representative, safeguarding its interests and ensuring that every service provider is working towards the shared goal of meeting the organisation's business needs.

Key benefits of service integration

Working with a service integrator can help you:

  • Simplify your IT service delivery by having one contract, one invoice and one service level agreement
  • Optimise your IT performance by having a single view of your service portfolio and metrics
  • Increase your business value by having access to best-in-class services from multiple suppliers
  • Reduce your risks by having a clear governance framework and escalation process
  • Innovate faster by having a flexible and agile IT environment that can adapt to changing needs

How to get started

Advanced is a leading provider of service integration – we have years of experience helping organisations across industries with complex environments. We can help you:

  • Design an approach tailored to your organisational needs and objectives
  • Build a solution in line with the SIAM framework that integrates your existing suppliers and services
  • Operate as the service integrator within the SIAM framework that delivers value and outcomes for your business
  • Provide a dedicated team that acts as your trusted partner and advisor

To discuss how we can help your organisation, get in touch today.

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