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What is ITSM and what are the main benefits?

04/07/2023 minute read OneAdvanced PR

As the role of technology continues to evolve, IT service management (ITSM) has become increasingly critical to supporting an organisation's success. With the growing demand for efficiency and seamless operations, businesses need to enhance their IT capabilities, optimise processes, and reduce downtime. That's why, we at Advanced are thrilled to announce our partnership with ServiceNow - a market leader in IT service management, to deliver a top-tier service to our customers. In this blog, we’ll cover the main benefits of ITSM and discuss how it can help your organisation.

Firstly, what is ITSM? ITSM is a strategic approach to IT management, with a focus on delivering value to customers. ITSM includes all activities that support a service throughout its lifecycle, from service and change management, to problem, incident, asset and knowledge management. It allows for increased productivity, lower costs, and improved end-user satisfaction.

Key benefits

  1. Enhance the efficiency of IT operations

For organisations to operate at peak productivity, employees require reliable and efficient IT services. ITSM tools play a vital role in streamlining processes by automating workflows, facilitating collaboration among teams, and reducing the potential for human errors. By implementing ITSM you can enhance the efficiency of your IT operations, ensuring that your employees have access to necessary systems or resources whenever they need them.

  1. Deliver a superior customer experience

In today's fast-paced business world, customers have high expectations when it comes to service delivery. Advanced’s ITSM – powered by ServiceNow, provides customers with an exceptional experience by offering robust support that is timely, personalised, and responsive. ServiceNow ITSM enables organisations to deliver integrated and efficient services, providing customers with real-time status updates and resolutions to their issues.

  1. Align IT strategy with business goals

ITSM helps align IT service delivery with the organisation's business goals. By defining, tracking, and reporting on service levels based on pre-determined service level agreements (SLAs), you can evaluate your performance against expected standards. With ServiceNow ITSM's reporting and analytics features, leadership teams can make data-driven decisions to improve service delivery, mitigate risks, and optimise costs.

  1. Future-proof IT service management

Advanced’s ITSM is designed with scalability and flexibility in mind. As your organisation grows, the software can readily adapt to meet your changing needs and requirements. It has been built to grow and change with your business, scaling to accommodate new growth, adapting to changing resolutions and processes, and providing consistent value even as your IT teams evolve.

  1. Security and compliance

Security is a top concern for businesses, and Advanced’s ITSM takes a proactive approach to protecting sensitive data. As a cloud-based solution, ServiceNow ITSM adheres to the highest security standards and is always up to date with the latest security protocols. The platform also comes with pre-built modules that provide audit tracking, compliance tracking, and policy documentation capabilities. ServiceNow ITSM can help ensure that your IT service management processes meet regulatory requirements, allowing you to focus on delivering better services.


As businesses continue to digitise their operations, IT service management has become a core business function. Investing in ITSM can have several benefits, including enhanced efficiency, a superior customer experience, and robust security features. That's why Advanced is excited to partner with ServiceNow on our new IT Service Management platform and provide our customers with a seamless, top tier service. Interested in finding out how ITSM could help your business? Get in touch today.