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Optimising user experience and transforming service delivery with OneAdvanced & ServiceNow

19/06/2024 minute read OneAdvanced PR

Traditionally, organisations have relied on Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to measure performance, emphasising technical metrics such as response times and uptime guarantees. While useful, this method often neglects the more subjective aspects of user experience, which can result in dissatisfaction despite meeting technical standards.

Due to this and the pace of innovation, forward-looking Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are now operating with Experience Level Agreements (XLAs) - a commitment to continuous excellence and improvement by focusing on the holistic user experience rather than just technical criteria. By leveraging XLAs to gather user insights, identify areas for enhancement, and continuously refine service offerings, this proactive approach ensures that IT services not only remain competitive and in tune with user needs but also foster a broader culture of innovation within the organisation.

At OneAdvanced, we’re dedicated to delivering constant value to our customers through cutting-edge solutions and continuous improvements. A key example of this is our partnership with ServiceNow. We transitioned our customers to this best-of-breed IT Service Management platform last year in order for them to benefit from improved service delivery, faster response times, a higher level of support, real-time insights and analytics, and increased automation and streamlining of service requests.

With positive results already seen over the last few months, our ServiceNow Development Board meet weekly to review enhancements and schedule updates to better meet customer needs. This iterative approach ensures that our platform remains robust, reliable, and user-friendly. This is done in-line with agile methodologies, initiating the delivery module through agile sprints. This will allow us to roll out new features and updates more efficiently, ensuring that our customers benefit from the latest advancements without delay.

Here are some of the upcoming improvements:

Discovery and Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Deployment: enhancing our ability to track and manage IT assets and configurations, leading to improved visibility and control over IT environments.

Knowledge Scoping: streamlining knowledge management processes, making it easier to access and utilise critical information.

Azure Directory (AD) Automation Scoping, Implementation & Deployment for Generic Requests from End Users: this will bring tangible improvements to how AD-related tasks are managed, offering quicker resolution times and better user satisfaction.

Simplifying Case and Request Item (RITM) Process, Scoping & Deployment: making it more streamlined and efficient, reducing the time it takes to handle and resolve requests.

Major Incident Management (MIM) Module Scoping, Enhancements Deployed: providing more effective tools for managing major incidents, ensuring faster recovery times and minimising impact on operations.

Enhanced System Integrations: enhanced integrations with platforms such as Logic Monitor SCCM and Azure to enable better coordination and data sharing across different tools and platforms.

Washington Upgrade: Lastly, we are preparing for the Washington upgrade. This upgrade will bring the latest features and improvements to the ServiceNow platform, ensuring that our customers have access to state-of-the-art service management capabilities.

With features including a revamped user interface, performance optimisations, enhanced security features, advanced analytics tools and the introduction of more sophisticated AI-driven features, these capabilities will help users make data-driven decisions, automate routine tasks, and provide better support to end-users.

We are excited to implement these updates and look forward to seeing the positive impact they will have on our customers.

At OneAdvanced, we provide tailored IT services built in partnership with the customer to meet their unique needs. We will act as an extension of the team, working alongside you to support your organisation, delivering on XLAs and ongoing optimisation. Our dedicated team, rigorous processes, and unwavering focus on user experience set us apart. Get in touch today to learn more.