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Zero-touch service desks: the future of customer support?
Blog //06-10-2023

Zero-touch service desks: the future of customer support?

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

As the demands of consumers evolve, businesses must adapt and innovate to meet their expectations, especially when it comes to customer support. Zero-touch service desks, a concept that leverages automation and self-serve to enhance service delivery, are gaining popularity across industries. But is it possible to achieve a fully automated service desk, and does it spell doom for human-led customer service provision? In this blog, we will explore zero-touch service desks, how they have redefined service desk efficiency, and the factors that have facilitated their emergence.

The transformational role of technology advances on service delivery

The past decade has seen a massive shift in IT infrastructure and applications, which has contributed to the transformation of processes and practices in customer support. Innovations such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning have significantly enhanced customer experience and service delivery. One of the impacts of this tech transformation is the emergence of zero-touch service desks. The automation of mundane, repetitive work has allowed IT teams to focus on more critical, strategic tasks that provide more value to the business.

Changing user demands in IT service delivery

End-users are also at the centre of this transformation. The increasing use of mobile devices in the workplace and the rise of remote work have led to higher levels of self-reliance and an expectation of faster, smoother, and more straightforward service delivery. Self-service portals and chatbots, which are commonly used in zero-touch service desks, have proven to be popular with customers. These communication channels allow users to solve simple issues independently, saving time and resources that IT personnel would have spent dealing with basic support tasks.

The benefits of a zero-touch approach to customer service

There are several advantages to embracing zero-touch service desks. First, automation ensures consistency and accuracy, reducing the likelihood of human error.  Second, IT teams can focus on more complex and strategic work that requires their skills and expertise. Third, self-service portals and chatbots provide end-users with a 24/7 support system, increasing their satisfaction levels and reducing stress. Finally, by reducing the workload of IT personnel, companies can save money on operational costs and invest resources in other areas.

Potential drawbacks of zero-touch service desks

While zero-touch service desks offer many benefits, they also have some potential drawbacks. The implementation of automation requires significant capital investment, and the cost of maintenance and upgrades can be considerable. Additionally, for complex issues that require human intervention, users may become frustrated if they cannot get the support they need, leading to dissatisfaction. Finally, zero-touch service desks cannot replace human empathy, which is essential in customer support. It's crucial for businesses to balance automation and human-led service delivery to ensure a well-rounded, customer-centric approach.

How to overcome these challenges

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can play a crucial role in helping organisations navigate the complexities and challenges of implementing zero-touch service desks. By investing in high-quality automation platforms and taking care of regular maintenance, MSPs relieve individual organisations of these responsibilities. Essentially, they bear the upfront cost of capital investment and the ongoing expenses of maintaining and upgrading the systems, making automation much more accessible and affordable to businesses.

Additionally, MSPs typically have the expertise to tackle complex issues and provide human-led support when needed, ensuring a balance between automated and human-led service delivery. This way, organisations can reap the benefits of automation without having to worry about the associated costs and complexities.

Advanced have partnered with ServiceNow, a leading digital workflow company, to revolutionise customer experiences. By integrating ServiceNow's cutting-edge digital workflows into Advanced's service offerings, we have created a next-generation service that elevates end user experience. This collaboration enables seamless automation and enhances self-service capabilities, supporting users to resolve simple issues independently, thereby saving significant time and resources.

Furthermore, by leveraging ServiceNow's unique software, Advanced can offer a service that is available around the clock, ensuring users have consistent access to support when needed. This partnership underscores Advanced's commitment to delivering technologically advanced, customer-centric solutions that meet evolving demands.


The prospect of zero-touch service desks carries enormous potential for transforming customer support delivery. Their benefits are numerous, enabling businesses to streamline processes, reduce operational costs, and most importantly, enhance customer experience by offering swift, consistent support round the clock. It is, however, crucial to remember that while automation is the way forward, it cannot entirely replace the human touch in service delivery. Working with Managed Service Providers can be a strategic move to successfully implement and manage this balance. As we look to the future, the key to successful customer support will be in blending automated efficiency with empathetic, human-led interactions.

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