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 Legal technology focused CPD courses now available
Blog //13-07-2023

Legal technology focused CPD courses now available

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

Continual professional development (CPD) is key to staying ahead in today's rapidly evolving marketplace and it's crucial for professionals to invest in their growth and development. That's why we at Advanced are proud to now offer a range of CPD accredited training courses designed to empower legal practitioners with the skills and knowledge needed to leverage legal software effectively.

The CPD accredited training courses currently cover a range of products, including ALB, P4W, Carpe Diem, Digital Dictation, and Cloud Forms, to cover a range of legal software your firm can utilise.

Enhance your expertise

As a legal professional, continuing competence is something that remains high priority. Lawyers will often engage in webinars, whitepapers and various training courses to develop and fine-tune their skills, and with Advanced's CPD training courses, you can now be recognised for expanding your knowledge on legal technology, something that is having a massive impact on the industry.

A comprehensive training platform not only enhances your skills and knowledge but also serves as a platform to highlight your professional development journey. By exploring market-leading solutions beyond the software you currently use, you can broaden your horizons and embrace a holistic approach to mastering legal tech. With a focus on continuous learning, the right training equips you with the tools and insights needed to navigate the ever-changing landscape of legal technology confidently.

Advanced digital learning

With greater workloads for lawyers, continuing competence can be an issue for some lawyers to keep on top of. While this is understandable, the SRA's continuing competency requirement as well as the general growth and development of lawyers means that time should be taken to ensure that this takes place. With these CPD-accredited courses, blended learning combines self-paced digital modules and virtual classroom sessions led by expert trainers, creating a flexible approach that fits seamlessly into your schedule while offering real-time engagement.

Modules including software recordings and interactive screens create an engaging learning experience, allowing the ability to assess progress after each module for a comprehensive understanding. With audio and closed captions, learners of all backgrounds can fully participate. Accessible on any device, ensuring learning anytime, anywhere.

Advanced is committed to meeting the evolving needs of legal professionals, by offering CPD-accredited courses, as well as webinars where you can engage with dynamic content, participate in interactive discussions, and gain valuable insights. Providing the opportunity to earn CPD credits while expanding your knowledge and enhancing your skills.

To find out more, click the link to download the full Advanced Training and Education Guide today.

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