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RSM invests in Advanced's HR software

02/06/2015 minute read Alex Arundale

OpenHR assists the accountancy firm to manage its 3,500 staff after major merger

RSM (formerly Baker Tilly), a leading provider of accounting and advisory services, has invested in a HR software, OpenHR, from Advanced to support its rapid business growth. The software solution is enabling the firm to efficiently store, update and access HR information relating to its 3,500 staff and report on key metrics to shape its strategic vision.

Following its merger with RSM Tenon in September 2013 Baker Tilly is now the seventh largest accountancy firm in the UK, with annual revenues of around £300 million and staff working across 35 UK offices.

The company implemented OpenHR from Advanced in 2010 to replace its previous restrictive HR system and save costs by reducing its reliance on external IT consultants. The system has played a key part in supporting Baker Tilly’s growth through its flexibility to evolve with changing requirements and contribute towards the ongoing success of its employees. 

Lisa Clare, National HR Manager at Baker Tilly, comments, “The merger saw us effectively double our staff numbers. In order to maximise efficiencies, we needed to be able to quickly access all records relating to our existing and new employees from one, central HR system.

“We needed to decide between OpenHR and Tenon’s HR solution. After reviewing both systems we concluded that OpenHR’s greater flexibility and integration capabilities was best suited to support the business’s evolving requirements. Our longstanding relationship with Advanced was also key and the data migration process went very smoothly.”

OpenHR integrates with Baker Tilly’s in-house workflow and learning and training management solutions to provide a central source of employee data. The system is used by 87 HR employees to accurately maintain more than 10,000 records ranging from basic staff contact details through to holidays, salaries, performance appraisals and benefits such as pensions and healthcare.

The team now has a suite of more than 200 monthly reports measuring a range of trends, including absence and sickness levels. The software also helps to analyse turnover by geographical region or individual office. As the firm charges out its fee-earning staff at hourly rates, monitoring the financial impact of absenteeism is vital to maximising profitability levels.

In addition, RSM (formerly Baker Tilly) has built tailored screens within OpenHR to track staff development on international secondments. The system records which employees are on secondments with partner organisations and their respective start and end dates along with their individual training requirements.

Lisa comments, “OpenHR has improved reporting efficiency as we no longer have to manipulate data in Excel spreadsheets. With access to comprehensive and accurate employee data the HR team can provide senior management with powerful insights so they can make informed decisions about the business as we continue to grow.

“The system is so flexible and intuitive that it enables us to be proactive rather than reactive. This is particularly useful as we embark on changing structures and strategies to remain ahead of our competitors.