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Smart Apprentices partners with Turnitin to support academic integrity in its apprenticeship program management platform.

11/11/2022 minute read OneAdvanced PR


This new partnership brings together the unrivaled similarity detection capabilities of Turnitin with the comprehensive apprenticeship e-portfolio platform of Smart Apprentices. The similarity detection becomes part of the Smart Assessor workflow for customers who use both solutions. The integration promotes integrity and supports learning throughout an apprenticeship training program.

The journey toward meeting apprenticeship and traineeship standards is challenging for both learners and instructors alike. There is always more content and always less time. The new possibilities for education provided by the internet and digital tools are broadly an unprecedented improvement, but there are also challenges.

The amount of information available grows each day, and so does the speed at which it can be shared. This can create difficulties in maintaining adequate sourcing and attribution.

Learners can inadvertently plagiarize easier than ever. This not only violates principles of academic honesty but also erodes meaningful learning. Standards of academic and institutional conduct exist both to promote respect and to ensure deeper understanding. After all, learning is not just simply reproducing.

Smart Apprentices & Turnitin

Smart Apprentices affirms its commitment to academic integrity through the partnership with Turnitin. We recognize that the identification of unoriginal written work is fundamental to educational excellence.

Automating the process of text similarity detection has the exponential benefit of helping programs to direct more focus and energy toward other aspects of learning, and encourages constructive feedback. The firm belief in effective education underpins the decision to partner with Turnitin on similarity detection.

“This partnership,” as Turnitin’s Director of Partner Success Jason Chu puts it, “offers traineeship and apprenticeship programs a complete solution for maximizing learner opportunities. We are thrilled to bring the benefits of Turnitin’s similarity detection to the robust e-portfolio platform offered by Smart Apprentices.”

The Importance of Similarity Detection

Similarity detection is a critical evaluation of written work for similarity with other written materials. Similarity detection does not confirm plagiarism in and of itself. What it does is identify instances of text matches in a written work worthy of further consideration.

Addressing issues of text similarity or matching could be as simple as including the proper attributions. Similarity detection provides an opportunity for reflection on the writing process and creates teachable moments. On the other end, it works twofold. It protects reputations and helps to ensure that writers demonstrate genuine synthesis when proving competency.

How does Turnitin work?

Turnitin continues to lead the industry in text similarity detection. It provides customers with intuitive and comprehensive web-based similarity detection tools. These clearly identify any potential instances of unoriginal text. The report provided by Turnitin is color-coordinated, highlighting any matches that require further examination.

The details, including source material, are a simple click away. Turnitin also provides an overall similarity score for rapid appraisals of written work.

Turnitin’s similarity detection technology is bolstered by the most extensive content database of academic publications and online content. This includes billions of materials coming from web pages, wide-ranging publications, academic theses, as well books, and articles from all disciplines. The database goes well beyond English language works, featuring dozens of languages from around the world.

A Coherent Experience for Users

Smart Assessor offers instructors flexibility in delivery and assessment as well as deep insights into performance and competence. The platform allows for rich and varied interactions between learners and instructors. The integration with Turnitin is a logical next step as it provides Smart Assessor users with a built-in tool to assess the originality of written work.

Customers of both Smart Apprentices and Turnitin will experience a smooth integration between the products. The simple interface will show any detected text similarity in submitted work right within the Smart Apprentices systems.

The partnership perfectly caps off the end-to-end capabilities of Smart Assessor and provides instructors with critical support. Accurate and detailed similarity detection protects academic integrity and raises the bar for goals and outcomes. It allows for more resources to be directed towards the total learning experience.

The future demands high levels of knowledge and competency. Turnitin and Smart Apprentices look forward to bringing instructors and learners coherent and impactful synergy towards meeting learning goals. We continue to maximize the technological potential to offer the best learning experience possible.

Interested to see this integration in action?

Get in touch to learn more about the e-portfolio solutions of Smart Apprentices with the integrated similarity detection powered by Turnitin.