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techUK appoints Advanced CEO Gordon Wilson to the board

22/05/2017 minute read Gordon Wilson

The UK’s leading voice for the technology industry, techUK, has appointed Advanced CEO Gordon Wilson as a board member. Gordon, who was voted in by existing board members, will be joining top executives from some of the world's most innovative technology organisations including Fujitsu, Samsung, IBM, HP and Microsoft.

Having joined Advanced in September 2015, Gordon brings extensive experience in the software industry to drive the company’s impressive growth trajectory. Today, Advanced is the UK’s third largest software and services company with a £220m turnover, 2,000 staff and 20,000 customers. Gordon has over 20 years’ general management experience in the software and business support sectors, with former roles including managing director at Kerridge Automotive Systems, ADP Dealer Services and Aquila Heywood, the UK’s largest provider of pension and policy administration software and services.

As a board member at techUK, Gordon will collaborate with members to discuss and agree how to address the current challenges and take advantage of the opportunities for the technology industry in the UK. Gordon’s key interests include technology direction, innovation and skills, and he hopes to contribute to the development and growth of the buoyant industry.

Gordon Wilson, CEO, Advanced, comments:

“I am passionate about how technology can improve the business outcomes for our customers and positively impact the lives of the millions of people our customers serve every day."

"As a business, we will bring to techUK experience of working across multiple sectors to illustrate and best overcome the key challenges facing these sectors."

“One such challenge that we are only too aware of is the apparent shortage of technology skills and the need to grow new talent from the ground up. In the last two years, we have heavily invested in our people across the regions, knowing that the growth of Advanced depends on them. We have created 400 new jobs to date, bringing our employee count to 2,000, and we are still looking for more great talent. The skills debate is one we are therefore well experienced in.”

As a large employer in the UK technology sector, Advanced has also been looking at the wider business economy and developments around Brexit and other changes in the political landscape affecting organisations in the UK.  In 2017 it carried out its inaugural Annual Trends Survey, identifying and tracking such matters along with technology drivers and impacts, the culmination of views from over 1,000 UK business leaders, which Gordon will bring to future techUK discussions.

Julian David, CEO, techUK, concludes: “Gordon is joining a group of likeminded industry leaders who are all dedicated to championing technology-led growth to build a globally competitive, innovative and sustainable UK economy. Gordon brings a new perspective on the nuances of our industry and will make a valuable contribution to the shaping and progression of the techUK agenda. We look forward to welcoming him at his first board meeting.”