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The benefits of a real time feedback tool
Blog //05-08-2022

The benefits of a real time feedback tool

by Hannah Hirst, Content Executive

Do you have a tool that allows your employees to give and receive feedback to and from anybody in the organisation in a matter of minutes? And if you do, are your employees using that tool to its full advantage?

Having a platform to quickly and easily give and receive feedback can help an organisation and its employees in a multitude of ways, this blog will take a look at just a few.  

Why should feedback be given in real time?

Some organisations ask for feedback to be given on the lead up to reviews from people who have worked with an employee over the last year. This means it could have been months since a joint project has finished, a presentation watched, a meeting etc. that a person is giving feedback on. As a result things are forgotten, details confused or left out entirely, and the final piece of feedback is of a much lower quality than it should be. 

Being able to give and receive feedback in real time means details are not forgotten, so an interaction / project is still fresh in someone’s mind when they come to give feedback on it. This leads to more accurate and detailed feedback being given, which means managers and HR have more to go on when review an employee’s performance and development.      

A fuller fairer view of performance

Managers don’t see everything an employee does every minute of the day, and with remote and hybrid working meaning many managers are no longer working in the same space as their team they see even less. This means they can’t make a fair assessment on their employee’s performance based on what they experience of the employee alone.

By having a way to view feedback from a multitude of people who work alongside their employees day to day managers are able to get a much fuller view of how their employee is performing.  

“I love the feedback tool! Too often managers don’t see a full picture of what a team member is doing, or they only pick up on the negative. With co-worker feedback they can get a well-rounded view of what their team members have been doing from the viewpoints of multiple people in our organisation. That’s why we encourage people to give feedback weekly, to everyone they have worked with over that week.” - Devon Graham, Director of Human Resources, SARRC

Recognising a job well done

Sometimes someone doing a good job can go overlooked in a large organisation, especially by busy managers and leaders. The feedback function allows a good job to be recognised in just a few minutes, which gives the employees a boost and alerts their manager to their hard work. 

“The feedback functionality within Advanced’s performance management platform was initially the element I personally was most excited about, given the potential impact on engagement that this kind of recognition could bring. To have senior members of the Ted team be able to directly recognise the invaluable contribution of our front-line Sales team, speaks back to our company values of Authenticity & Kindness in the most tangible of ways.” - Gary Beggs, Development Partner, Ted Baker

Different uses within one organisation

Within Leigh Academies Trust, the feedback function is used in a variety of ways, from peer to peer feedback to lesson observations. Lesson observations used to be done using complex forms, but now it is much simpler, because using Advanced Clear Review means that feedback can be given and received in minutes, and stored on the system to be viewed when needed.

When managers and HR come to employee reviews the feedback stored on Clear Review can give them a better look at how that person has developed over the last year.

“Feedback is now embedded within our practice and our shared vision of having ‘boundless ambition’; we use it to highlight the positive impact, both big and small moments, that our colleagues are having on a daily basis. Staff go above and beyond for our pupils, community and one another - this is a chance for us to recognise specific individuals for this. Morale has improved as a result of this recognition” Laura Smith, Principal at Molehill Primary Academy

So more feedback leads to better communication between employees, improved visibility for managers and HR staff, and happier employees who are now getting recognised for a job well done or some useful advice on how to improve and grow.

To find out more about how your employees and organisation could benefit from a real time feedback tool, book a demo with a member of our team today, and start saying yes to better communication with performance management.

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Hannah Hirst

Hannah Hirst


Content Executive

Hannah is a content writer for OneAdvanced, specifically focusing on our performance management software. Hannah loves delivering insightful and informative content to prospects and customers.

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