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Unette Nutrition double their production with Business Cloud Essentials
Blog //15-09-2021

Unette Nutrition double their production with Business Cloud Essentials

by Junaid Jawed, Senior Customer Advocacy Executive

Unette Nutrition boast over 50 years in liquid filling innovation. Their talented engineers build bespoke machines, making it possible to create customised packaging solutions that suit the requirements of their extensive roster of clients (rather than being restricted by industry standard machinery) . Over the years, they gradually expanded and extended their services to encompass all forms of contract packaging. The Unette Tear Top Tube has become the industry standard for the sports nutrition market which includes sports drink giant, Lucozade, and an ever-increasing number of consumer-friendly ‘on the go' applications. Still owned by the Hudson family, they have recently grown even further, and moved to a new manufacturing facility with increased capacity.

For a long time, everything was done on paper, until they realised the benefits of adopting a manufacturing software. David Rimmer, Managing Director, credits their demo experience with Advanced for allowing him to recognise the potential of Business Cloud Essentials (BCE). He notes: “In terms of demo, it’s great to watch, but the full experience of playing with a trial system really made a difference. Being able to input your own data really gave me an insight to how this solution could work for us, which sealed the deal.”

Scalability is a vital component of Business Cloud Essentials, as our solution is designed to accommodate expansion. It’s designed to transform small to medium-sized businesses, through the facilitation of growth, which becomes possible through the automation of production processes. David adds: “The solution has been an integral to our growth. We have been using BCE successfully for over 3 years and we have increased from 20 million tubes to 40 million tubes, with the same number of staff (which is a remarkable feat). I think the secret to our success with BCE is how we approached it; we made slight changes to our internal processes so that we could use the package ‘out of the box’”.

One of the core benefits of Business Cloud Essentials (BCE) is a powerful accounting engine (which is ICAEW accredited). BCE provides all the essential components a company needs from a finance perspective, – including a powerful unified ledger, multi-currency accounting, fully integrated fixed assets, and much more. David notes: “The profit and loss report are definitely, for me, the most useful tool the software offers, It’s crucial for us to have a solid understanding of our financial performance on a day to day basis. With the financial element of BCE, we can do everything we need to, and it provides sufficient analysis for us to better understand our business (and to make smart decisions).’”

Business Cloud Essentials is an all-encompassing solution that ties all your operations together. This creates greater clarity and enables powerful reporting. It is designed to form a connection between the factory floor and the office floor. David comments: “It’s good to have all the functions in one place, it ensures transparency across the team. I find the user interface of BCE to be good. It's simple to navigate and easy to use, plus all the data you need is in one place”.

Mark Dewell, Managing Director at Advanced, had this to say: “Business Cloud Essentials is a unique proposition for small manufacturers looking to grow and evolve, as the need to go digital becomes more pertinent. We look forward to continuing our work with Unette Nutrition, and we look forward to supporting them on their journey as a great British manufacturer”.

Junaid Jawed

Junaid Jawed


Senior Customer Advocacy Executive

Junaid joined OneAdvanced in August 2018 and plays a crucial role in shaping our overall customer advocacy strategy. He works closely with the wider business in implementing a customer focused approach and is passionate about doing what's right for our customers. Junaid is dedicated to curating a customer-centric culture and works fearlessly in delivering initiatives to achieve it.

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