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Unlocking the Future: Our Transformation Journey to OneAdvanced
Blog //12-04-2024

Unlocking the Future: Our Transformation Journey to OneAdvanced

by Simon Walsh, Chief Executive Officer

Over the past year, OneAdvanced has undergone a remarkable transformation, a journey that fills me with immense pride. It was a transformation about growth; it was a conscious decision to reinvent ourselves to become a company that's not just easier to do business with but also more aligned with the future needs of our customers and the sectors we serve.

Investing in Our Future

Behind the scenes, we have been making extensive investments in our company. From enhancing our skills base and innovating around our products, to investing in technology to drive operational excellence, every step has been taken with the aim of modernising how we deliver value for our customers. This transformation is an embodiment of our unwavering commitment to our customers and to driving company forward.

A Customer-Centric Approach

At OneAdvanced, we stand in the shoes of those we serve working closely with our customers to understand the nuances of their organisations and the sectors they operate in. It's a philosophy that has guided our transformation every step of the way.

Technology at the Forefront

Understanding the critical role technology plays in today's dynamic environment, we have invested heavily in systems and technology that position us—and consequently, our customers—at the leading edge of digital transformation. By embracing agile working practices, consolidating common services by building once and using many times, we can innovate faster. The OneAdvanced platform underpins our software providing common services and a common user interface for intuitive use and ease of adoption.  We're not just solving today's challenges; we're preparing for tomorrow's opportunities. This commitment to technological excellence is at the heart of our mission to power the world of work for our customers. 

Innovating for the Future

We're not just thinking in the present; we're actively shaping the future. Today we launch eight software portfolios, each one tailored to the sector-specific needs of our customers all underpinned by the OneAdvanced platform which provides common services for data & analytics, security, and AI.  Our product teams work closely with our customers to understand the nuances that exist in each sector we serve and the end-to-end processes that power those organisations. The result is the creation of software portfolios that drive productivity, a great customer experience and positive impact for those our customers serve:

  • Colleges, improving the learner experience.  
  • Care providers, enabling carers to spend more time caring.  
  • Healthcare, supporting front line patient services.
  • Social housing, getting more families into homes faster.
  • Law practices, supporting clients with the bigger moments in life.
  • Distribution & logistics firms, ensuring supply-chain excellence.
  • Government, delivering citizen-first services.
  • Commercial services, ensuring efficient front line service delivery.

This makes us immensely proud. 

A Note of Thanks

As we look to the future, OneAdvanced remains committed to innovation, excellence, and, above all, serving the needs of our customers and the broader community. Together, we're not just keeping pace with the evolution of technology, we are surpassing it.

I would like to say thank you to all our customers for your trust in us. Your faith in OneAdvanced empowers us to continue pushing the boundaries of digital transformation. Thank you for allowing us to power your world of your work.

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Simon Walsh

Simon Walsh


Chief Executive Officer

An experienced technology leader, Simon joined OneAdvanced in April 2023. With a successful track record in scaling technology businesses and driving technological transformation, he is leading OneAdvanced towards further growth through innovation. Simon is passionate about OneAdvanced's mission and its people, with a keen understanding of how technology can transform people’s working lives for the better using innovative Cloud-based solutions.

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