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Using Technology to Improve Life at Work: a Short Guide for FE Leaders

Using Technology to Improve Life at Work: a Short Guide for FE Leaders

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

There is one thing we can all agree on: further education professionals are busy people. In fact, excessive workload is frequently cited by teachers, support staff and senior leaders as a major contributor to poor wellbeing. Add low pay, the stress of inspection, and a lack of performance management to the mix, and there’s little wonder FE educators are leaving the profession at an alarming rate.

So, what can be done to make life at work easier for those in senior leadership and the teachers they support? We’ve outlined a few of our products below, designed to reduce time spent on administration, streamline ILR submission, keep staff motivated and on-task, and make the delivery of functional skills more efficient.

Learner Management System – for stress-free apprenticeship delivery

Used by over 450 apprenticeship providers, Learner Management System (formerly PICS) delivers unrivalled efficiency in the management of ILR data. Designed to save hours of work when processing ILRs, the software makes sure everything is up to date and ESFA compliant. You’ll find all the data you need in one place, along with digital forms and off-the-shelf ILR templates. Built by our team of funding experts, Learner Management System ensures accurate recording for maximum funding.

Learner Management System integrates with other third-party software, including Advanced’s eportfolio with Smart Assessor. The software connects with Assessment and Learning, the popular functional skills platform, and Cognassist, one of the country’s leading neurodiversity assessment tools.

“Learner Management System made jobs that were taking me hours to do manually that much easier… a five-minute job, not hours.”

Anna Falcucci, MIS and Data Manager, LMP Group

Assessment and Learning – for enhanced functional skills assessment

Learners and educators love Assessment and Learning (formerly bksb) for its ease of use and individualised approach to learning and revision. Featuring adaptive AI, the software provides a highly accurate assessment of English and maths performance, with constant tweaks that stretch learners at the right times. For the teacher, inbuilt reports can be accessed at the click of a button, and data can be easily exported to Learner Management Systems and eportfolios.

Assessment and Learning is hosted in the cloud, which means it can be used by learners to practice whenever they choose, and accessed by teachers at a time to suit them. There is no need to download any software, and Assessment and Learning can be used anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.

“The confidence Assessment and Learning brings learners is unbelievable.”

William Haining, Functional Skills tutor, Seetec

Performance and Talent – for high-level performance management

Formerly Clear Review, Performance and Talent draws on decades of research to deliver a performance management model with proven results. The platform allows for 360° feedback, giving a voice to all areas of your organisation. Praise and constructive criticism are given in real time, ensuring employees stay motivated.

Within the dashboard, senior leaders can set objectives for individuals and groups. These objectives can be amended throughout the year, giving staff members clear goals to work towards. The Talent Snapshots feature gives a concise view of suitability for promotion, while My Mindspace gives employees instant feedback on their responses.

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