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Why Advanced - Plan
Blog //23-05-2022

Why Advanced - Plan

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

Why Advanced?

Advanced have launched a six-part blog series which breaks down the various features of NetDocuments. In these blogs we detail the various solution options available with NetDocuments, the way the system meets the needs of legal professionals, and why Advanced are seen as the best implementation partner for your firm. Having won the partner of the year award for four consecutive years, it’s not difficult to see why Advanced are an ideal choice of partner. We’re continuing this series with the third NetDocuments document management solution ‘Plan’.


NetDocuments Plan is a set of easy-to-use tools that enable you to coordinate teams and tasks, provide real-time communication, facilitate task management via checklists and workflows, and deliver collaborative document annotation. The Plan solution does this via ndThread, ChatLink in Microsoft Teams, SmartView and Tasks. ndThread brings all of the fast communication, collaboration and knowledge-sharing benefits of mainstream chats into your secure NetDocuments platform, it also stores every conversation in the document management system itself. This eliminates the need to secure two separate platforms for communication and makes important information in-chat conversations easy to find and use.

NetDocuments has a dedicated tab for your threads within the application itself, allowing you to see all the individual threads you are a part of in relation to a specific matter. Via these you can update your team members by adding messages, see existing conversation threads and can even link your chat to an existing document, in addition to uploading a new document straight into the matter via the chat window itself. ndThreads allows you to create new threads, join new chats and invite users into threads you are already a part of. If you are engaging in several conversations across various matters, you can utilise the ndThread application itself, which will give you access to all your threads across all your matters in one single place. ndThread also allows you to have one-to-one conversations with individuals outside of matter files in a secure environment.

NetDocuments integrates with Microsoft Office to create a powerful engine for productivity and ChatLink for Teams, which makes the engine more advanced and complete. Whilst Teams provides many benefits to its users, it also presents specific security, compliance, and filing challenges for legal organisations that can lead to increased risk and lower productivity. ChatLink solves this by embedding teams into NetDocuments and vice versa, so every conversation can be filed into the correct matter file, and all matter related content can also be accessed via the Teams conversation. With ChatLink your legal team can take full advantage of Teams without the risks or concerns.

The NetDocuments SmartView panel provides easy access to the content of the item selected, the details of the document, the versions available and Margin Notes. Margin Notes is a feature that changes your document dynamics and allows lawyers to preview, annotate and markup documents without downloading, sending in an email or modifying the core file. Providing increased productivity and organisation. You can add comments and see notes attached to the document, who applied it and when, so anyone who is working on the document will see that the note was added, and can apply the changes requested without the need of sending emails, helping to streamline the process.

Tasks offers tools to streamline the management of your complex projects and matters. With tasks you can create custom workflows within workspaces to track activities and progress, to manage deadlines all within one central location. As Tasks is embedded within the NetDocuments matter file itself, your teams can plan and complete work within the same convenient location. Within the tasks you can see the details assigned to the task, who was assigned, and create a checklist of individual tasks if needed to help complete the task itself, in addition to adding notes on the work you’re doing, or create comments to indicate that you’ve accomplished some of the tasks you’ve been assigned.

Discover how NetDocuments allows you to collaborate while remaining protected, by clicking here.

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