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Why Advanced - Protect
Blog //22-04-2022

Why Advanced - Protect

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

Why Advanced?

Advanced have launched a six-part blog series which breaks down the various features of NetDocuments. In these blogs we detail the various solution options available with NetDocuments, the way the system meets the needs of legal professionals, and why Advanced are seen as the best implementation partner for your firm. Having won the partner of the year award for four consecutive years, it’s not difficult to see why Advanced are an ideal choice of partner. We’re continuing this series with the second NetDocuments document management solution ‘Protect’.


This solution’s additional controls and policy tools aim to reduce data breaches for data loss prevention (DLP). It allows you to manage access rights with ethical walls using workspace security manager, and provides geo-aware storage capabilities (via Flexstore and Flexstore Pro). This means you can have better compliance, while accelerating content delivery around the world. Your document management system contains some of your most sensitive information, and your employees are given access to this information in order to progress client matters. For example, IT employees with elevated system permissions, knowledge workers and even ex-staff who have recently left the firm (but may still access your data until their permissions are revoked). So, it’s vital that the appropriate security policies are in place to safeguard you, your clients, and any third parties involved in client matters.

Insider attacks are on the rise, so you need a holistic security strategy to protect your most sensitive information. DLP takes the burden away from IT teams by using layered security policies that can prevent authorised users from editing, sharing, emailing, or downloading your sensitive information when undesired. These policies can be applied broadly, or you can use metadata to apply it more narrowly on an individual level. Insider data breaches are one of the most common forms of data loss. There are employees who simply share the document with the wrong person and are perhaps unaware of the implications, employees who travel with physical copies and misplace them, and employees who have been let go by the firm and might decide to share sensitive information with other firms or the press.

These insider breaches are on the rise, with 25% of US law firms experiencing at least one data breach. Common contributors to these threats include viruses, spyware, and malware. In 2018, 31% of law firms with more than 100 lawyers reported that they had experienced a data breach in the past. Insider breaches have increased by 47% since 2018 alone. DLP in NetDocuments can help prevent these insider attacks by enabling you to easily create and manage security policies, which can then be applied to content at the cabinet, metadata, or even individual document level. The workplace security manager (WSM) gives you the freedom to create and manage security policies, including access control permissions, locking permissions to create ethical walls, and enabling a need-to-know security management strategy. These policies are applied at the workspace level and are therefore applied to all the content within that workspace. Within a WSM you can safely control user access via ethical walls, and enable IT to manage matter security via those authorised users. No complex coding or specialised expertise is needed. You can use a simple point and click approach to easily manage policies. You can also create a truly need-to-know environment by enabling user access on the specific files they need. Even if they only need access to a certain number of documents within a matter and not the entire matter file itself this can be achieved with the WSM.

All policy changes are captured in an easy-to-consume audit report which can be downloaded if necessary. As regulatory bodies continue to place more restrictions on how information is stored and processed, there’s a recurring dilemma, how is it possible to keep your team productive and provide them with a good service experience, without compromising content governance and security? Flexstore and Flexstore Pro from NetDocuments directly addresses this challenge by making it possible for all stakeholders to experience the convenience, efficiency, and security of hybrid Cloud and storage options, no matter where the information resides or the user.


You can take advantage of the geo-aware global storage platform, Flexstore. This is ideal if you have clients who require local document storage in locations of their choosing. With Flexstore, you can store your content in NetDocuments Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or on premises in your own data centres while still enjoying all the processing efficiency that secure Cloud innovation has to offer. To accelerate content delivery, your users will want a consistent and reliable user experience which includes quick downloads and even faster uploads. Flexstore Pro enhances Flexstore by introducing localised encryption/decryption using the distributed cryptographic service and ensures you comply with all jurisdictional regulatory and client data residency requirements, while still providing an intuitive and performant user experience.

Discover how NetDocuments protects your documents with ease, by clicking here.

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