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‘Why Document Management?’: The ease of document management
Blog //07-09-2022

‘Why Document Management?’: The ease of document management

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

As matters become more complex and digitised and worked on with larger teams across different offices and off-site locations, it is vital that staff can quickly and easily locate and manage their files.

Document and email management platforms, specifically cloud platforms, are quickly becoming the favourite of professionals around the world, thanks to anywhere access, seamless backups and updates and innovative security features.

In our ‘Why Document Management?’ series, we answer several questions around core facets of what you should consider when looking at document management systems, and how NetDocuments can provide you with the solutions you need.

In this section, we look at the user and administrator experience that you should consider. Beyond evaluating the user experience and dependability of the platform, it is critical to consider the effort required to maintain the DMS on the back end. This behind-the-scenes work can have significant impacts on the future cost, performance, efficiency, and security of your DMS.

Here are a couple of questions that we hear from organisations when discussing the user experience of a document management system:

How intuitive is it? What is the user experience like?

User adoption is among the top concerns for any deployment of document management, and for good reason. Without high user adoption, any new piece of technology will be all but useless. It is vital that any document management system under consideration deliver a user experience like everyday consumer tools to help minimise the learning curve.

The user experience of NetDocuments is designed with intuitiveness at its heart, allowing users to use a familiar folder format to store files at client and matter levels. With its integration with Outlook for example, users can easily file emails and attachments directly from Outlook with artificial intelligence assisting with suggesting the correct folder for it to move into without having to hunt through folders to find it. It also keeps track of version updates so you can keep on top of edits and ensure you are always using the right file.

Can I access each of my documents on a mobile device? If I lose internet access, will I still be able to save, search and access files?

Anywhere access is a key tenant of cloud software generally, and it is no different when it comes to a cloud document management system.

Modern and mature solutions should offer iOS and Android applications that deliver the same functionality across devices, but with experiences optimised for your current device— ensuring an intuitive experience. Robust solutions should also offer offline work, with automatic syncs, to maintain the seamless experience your users expect.

These are all features you can expect to find with the NetDocuments solution, ensuring that your team have access to your files wherever and whenever. In a working world that is becoming more flexible and moving away from the office, such a capacity is vital to maintain an accurate filing system.

About NetDocuments

You can trust NetDocuments to remove the barriers to efficient document management and transform your documents into an efficiency engine for collaboration, productivity, and growth – without limitations or restrictions.

With NetDocuments you get market-leading features in a document management solution, including:

  • 24/7 access from anywhere
  • Security and compliance through the Cloud
  • Business transparency with NetDocuments Analytics
  • Customisable flexibility with purpose-built add-ons
  • Scalability through open APIs and integrations with multiple applications

As a NetDocuments worldwide Platinum Partner, Advanced are accredited to deliver, train, and support NetDocuments. As a first step, we will advise and support you in selecting the document management functions that can deliver exactly what you need.

Following implementation, our training team can deliver tailored onsite, remote, or online training sessions to ensure smooth user adoption. And you will always have access to our ISO-accredited support team who are available 24/7/365 to ensure on-going ease and efficiency.

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