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Why NetDocuments? Because it’s a DMS specifically for law firms
Blog //10-07-2023

Why NetDocuments? Because it’s a DMS specifically for law firms

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

In today's rapidly evolving legal landscape, efficient document management is crucial for law firms to ensure data security, foster collaboration, and create streamlined workflows. To meet these needs, Advanced has partnered with NetDocuments to provide law firms with a leading legal-centric document management system implemented by a technology company that knows the legal sector inside-out. 

In this article, we highlight some of the reasons why Advanced chose to partner with a legal-centric solution in NetDocuments, compared to other consumer file storage systems:

No hidden costs of operation

While generic cloud applications may offer free options, they often come with hidden costs that compromise security, risk management, and productivity. For mid-size law firms, these limitations are unacceptable. 

In contrast, legal-centric platforms, such as NetDocuments, may require upfront per-user costs but provide essential features like task automation, encryption, governance, and compliance specific to legal workflows. By investing in NetDocuments, law firms can increase productivity, decrease risk, and ultimately generate more revenue.

Information governance

For law firms, effective document governance is paramount. Poor document management puts both firms and their clients at risk by increasing the likelihood of information falling into the wrong hands. Legal-centric document management systems offer robust tools for seamless content governance, including document profiling, ethical walls management, native extranets, and data loss prevention measures. 

Commercial-grade options, while they may offer some similar features, often prioritise user flexibility and inadvertently create loopholes that bypass governance protocols. By leveraging NetDocuments, law firms can confidently protect confidential and client files while maintaining control over access and security.

Document and email organisation

Manual tasks associated with filing documents and managing emails can significantly impact a law firm's revenue-generating potential. Administrative and email management tasks consume valuable time, limiting billable hours for lawyers. NetDocuments understands this challenge and offers automation features that consumer file storage options lack. 

By automating filing processes and integrating with email systems, Microsoft Office, time and billing tools, and more. NetDocuments streamlines workflows and eliminates repetitive tasks empowering lawyers to focus on their core responsibilities. As a result, law firms can increase billable time and revenue while reducing administrative burdens.


Seamless integration within the legal tech stack is crucial for law firms seeking enhanced productivity and error prevention. NetDocuments recognises the importance of providing a comprehensive document lifecycle workflow that works harmoniously with other commonly used tools. 

By offering features that support integrations with email, collaboration platforms like Teams, comparison tools, and electronic court filing software, NetDocuments ensures a cohesive and efficient working environment. Legal professionals can work within a single environment, eliminating the frustration and time consumption associated with switching between applications for different workflows.

When it comes to legal-centric document management, NetDocuments stands out as an industry-leading solution. Law firms require more than consumer file storage systems to meet their specific needs for data security, collaboration, and streamlined workflows. NetDocuments, in partnership with Advanced's practice and case management system, P4W, offers a superior solution that combines essential features such as automation, governance, compliance, and seamless integrations.

By choosing NetDocuments, law firms can optimise their operations, mitigate risks, and increase revenue, ultimately gaining a competitive edge in the dynamic legal industry.

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