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Windows Server 2003 nears end-of-life
Press //08-04-2015

Windows Server 2003 nears end-of-life

by Greg Ford, Managed Services

Modern IT infrastructure key to safeguarding donor, volunteer and member data

Specialist organisations could compromise the security of their donor, volunteer and membership data and in turn their reputation unless they migrate from Windows Server 2003 to an alternative platform. This is a warning from leading software provider Advanced to specialist organisations. 

Windows Server 2003 is nearing end-of-life and Microsoft will officially withdraw support for the server operating system in July 2015. 

Organisations which handle large volumes of data, hold personal information or are involved in receiving funds, could be increasingly susceptible to malicious cyber-attacks if they continue to use unsupported hardware and software that is hosted on platforms such as Windows Server 2003.

Simon Fowler, Managing Director at Advanced (Specialist Solutions) comments, “Windows Server 2003 is still widely used by fundraising and membership organisations and many have yet to formulate alternative migration plans. Failure to upgrade to a modern server infrastructure could place confidential data at greater risk from hackers and malware attacks, potentially with major implications."

Fowler continues, “Now is a good opportunity to evaluate existing IT platforms and take advantage of cost savings through better value support options. Upgrading your infrastructure, taking advantage of virtualisation technology or even migrating solutions to the cloud, can all offer flexible and scalable ways to improve operational efficiencies and reduce data security risks to ensure business continuity.

“There are numerous choices available but it is essential that specialist organisations ensure their business and IT strategies are aligned. Partnering with experienced managed service providers such as Advanced can help them choose secure, resilient and high-performance solutions that are tailored to their needs to support future growth and safeguard vital client information.”

Advanced provides a comprehensive range of IT managed services, from desktop support through to a complete infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution. The company also provides security and data management and business intelligence consultancy services. 

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