Advanced Invoice Conversion Service for SAP Ariba

Process invoices from all suppliers, on and off the SAP Ariba network


First class Cloud-based financial management software, which has evolved over 30 years

If you are currently using Data Automation for SAP Ariba, then you will already appreciate the benefits of its rules-based invoice processing and 100% accurate data extraction.

If you are not, Data Automation is allowing SAP Ariba users globally to:

  • Bring efficiency savings for the Account Payable processes
  • Trust the data quality within their SAP Ariba platform
  • Eliminate the need for PO flip

Data Automation is underpinned by Advanced and uses our patented technology to deliver this service.

Advanced Invoice Conversion Service (AICS) is an additional service that enables buyers to process their invoices from all suppliers on and off the SAP Ariba network, without undertaking any operational or technical changes. More importantly, it ensures that all your specific extraction requirements and validation rules are met before the invoice is registered, all while delivering 100% accuracy.

AICS helps buyers automate greater volumes of invoices and can process any invoice format, including: pdf, jpg, png, html, xml, docx and many more.


Key capabilities

Solution for all invoice processingadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Handles complex documentsadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Splitting of documents on same email advanced_icon_ticks.svg

100% accuracy of invoice data advanced_icon_ticks.svg

Enrichment of data
through lookupsadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Rules-based system advanced_icon_ticks.svg

Creates a single invoice channeladvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Adds value to your
Ariba subscriptionadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Significant reduction in manual interventionadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Reduction in downstream
processing issues advanced_icon_ticks.svg

We understand and solve your key issues

We build products which are designed to solve our customers key challenges.

  • Legacy systems not living up to expectations

    One of the primary issues our customers face is that despite using a solution that claims accurate data extraction, they are still facing a high percentage of failure in their current system. This then requires them to use manual data entry to rectify these errors.

    With AICS combined with Data Automation for Invoices, we guarantee 100% accurate data  from processed invoices due to our patented technology and complete managed service, eliminating the need for manual data entry and providing your business with data they can rely on.

  • Investment in the SAP Ariba network

    As your main procurement platform and having invested time and efforts into on boarding SAP Ariba, your organisation wants to ensure you’re using the platform to its full potential by processing all your invoices in one place, this includes suppliers on and off the SAP Ariba network.

    AICS enables suppliers off network to submit an invoice into the SAP Ariba network, using the Open ICS channel – the buyer must have enabled the Open ICS channel and registered Advanced as their service provider. Managing all your invoices in one place helps your organisation to avoid processing and payment delays, aids with transparency and brings efficiency savings.

  • Using paper invoices

    Digital transformation is at the forefront of business objectives, and the removal of paper invoices from their procurement processes is one step organisations can take to achieve this, as well as bringing environmental benefits.

    AICS can handle any invoice format, whether this is an image or a digital document. Rather than require printing and scanning or even manual entry, AICS will process the invoice as it arrives and provide you with perfectly processed invoice data.

  • Accessing several portals

    Having to access multiple portals, systems and software to gather invoice from suppliers, is not only time consuming but confusing and can lead to errors or data getting lost.

    AICS requires you to submit emails to a dedicated email address with the invoice file attached for processing into the SAP Ariba network – no additional portals needed. All the invoice data in one place and far easier to manage.


More than just an
Invoice Conversion Service

Find out more about the powerful features that sit within Advanced Invoice Conversion Service for SAP Ariba

How our software can help you



Welcoming you onboard



Starting your journey

Step one


AICS is delivered as a managed cloud service by our specialist teams. We work with multiple Ariba customers and suppliers to bring Data Automation and understand the extent and complexities of the Ariba configuration.

Understanding your challenges

Step two


Our delivery team will work with you to create a supplier on-boarding plan and ensure that the product is fully operational and extracting the data you need before the project goes live.

On the road to go live


Congratulations! Once live, we will continue to work with you enabling new suppliers and supporting changes to existing suppliers for the duration of the contract.


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