Legal Accounting Solution

Our legal accounting solution, ALB Accounts, enables you to effectively manage your growing law firm


We understand that in today’s competitive legal space, future-focused small law firms need new ways to boost productivity and demonstrate effectiveness, whilst reducing departmental costs and achieving more with less budget. Legal practices are under increasing pressure to track spending, safeguard client monies, record time, simplify billing, control Work In Progress (WIP), manage profit and loss and perform client due diligence accurately and with ease. 

Whether you’re a sole practitioner or a small law firm, we have a legal accounting solution which will suit your requirements which can grow with you. We offer a wealth of sector expertise, and our accounting solution can help you take full control of your law firm’s legal accounting activity. 

Key Benefits


Accessible and secure

ALB Accounts is hosted and therefore accessible from any location and benefits from high levels of security.


Easy to navigate

With a modern interface, the system is easy to navigate to enable staff to quickly and accurately manage a firm’s accounts.


Efficient working

Saving time and handling accounts in one central system reduces costs thus improving the financial health of a practice, especially for new start-ups or firms with few staff.

Our legal accounting solution for growing firms

Low cost

The solution is affordable for new start-up firms in the legal services market or specialist firms with a handful of staff who don’t have large capital sums available to spend on technology but want to implement a solution to assist them to manage their accounts.

Save time with improved accounting

Instead of running your law firm from multiple spreadsheets and paper files, manage your firm’s accounts in one place so that staff are able to get tasks done in a more efficient way.

Minimal training which is accessible 

Online training will allow firms to access training from their own location with access to a training consultant. Recorded training will enable them to access assistance on demand.

Opportunity to grow within the ALB portfolio

For forward thinking firms who want to progress their firm, ALB Accounts is the perfect solution for improving revenue with our software portfolio. As firms grow they can upgrade their ALB and continue to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their firm.

Our technology helps streamline your law firms accounting processes, boosting performance and growth

Providing you with an unrivalled management of legal accounts and processes, our software allows users to meet industry standards and best practice procedures in order to grow your law firm.

Our streamlined software is built to enable small law firms to start working more efficiently to enable profitable growth, whilst still providing the peace of mind that the product can grow with you, as and when you decide. Our solution is hosted through Advanced’s Hosted Cloud meaning users can log into the application online securely from any location allowing for flexible and efficient working which safeguards your firm. 

We know that you need solutions which require minimal training and are easy to navigate to ensure staff get the best out of solutions which you invest in. Our software is built to enable staff to quickly manage finances in an efficient way without spending long periods of time learning a new system. With online training available alongside a minimal setup, staff are able to easily get working on the new system. Our accounting solution eases the workload and burdens on cashiers with accounts in one system, reducing manual paper processing, preventing mistakes and human error. 

With our legal accounting software, sole practitioners and small law firms are able to work in a smarter, more efficient way in order to drive performance and growth.


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