Financial Accounting Solution

Our finance and accounting solution, Advanced Exchequer, enables you to effectively manage your growing organisation

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Reporting and Analytics

We understand that growing organisations need new ways to boost productivity and demonstrate effectiveness, whilst reducing departmental costs and achieving more with less budget. Senior professionals of small to medium sized organisations are accountable for numerous functions and Key Performance Indicators. They are required to manage multiple teams and oversee key processes such as stock management, sales order processing and specialist industry requirements, which place further pressures on their time, effort and resources.

Whether you're in the private, public or third sector, we have a solution that will suit your requirements and grow with you. We offer a wealth of sector expertise, and our accounting solution can help you to take full control of your financial and related organisational activities.

Key Benefits


Specialist sector functions

Customise your solution with industry specific functions that meet your needs.


Real-time insight

Gain tighter control and see the full picture with real-time reporting and analytics.


Deployment options to suit you

On premise or hosted options, with some Exchequer functions accessible via mobile applications.

Our financial accounting solution for growing organisations

Powerful reporting and business intelligence

Our extensive standardised and customisable reporting suite enables you to easily drill-down and analyse real-time data in an instant, providing you with greater visibility of your organisation's performance and supporting your key decisions. By automatically reporting to key stakeholders, our technology allows you to focus on more productive activities.

Scalable and flexible to your needs

Configurable to satisfy your individual organisational processes, our financial accounting solution is highly flexible to your needs and scalable to meet your organisation's growth.

Anytime, anywhere and on any device

Our fully integrated mobile applications offer instant access to a variety of self-service functions, eliminating burdens on your departmental teams, and empowering your mobile workforce with tools and insight on the move.

Save time with an integrated system

Concentrate on your strategic activities with our time-saving automation, productivity enhancing tools and shortcuts - existing customers typically see a 47% increase in productivity when using our innovation, and a 20% reduction in administrative efforts. 

Our technology helps streamline your organisation's processes and activities, boosting your performance and growth

exchequerProviding you with unrivalled management of your financial and organisational processes, our accountancy software empowers users to meet their organisation’s needs, industry standards and best practice procedures.

This streamlined system offers a fully integrated accounting and management solution for your growing organisation, equipping you with greater visibility and control of your finances and payroll processing. It also provides powerful real-time reporting, along with additional functions such as stock management, sales order processing and project, job and time costing to drive efficiency. The specialist sector functions of our solution ensure that you are able to easily meet the individual requirements of your industry and your organisation’s specific needs.

Our solution is scalable and flexible to meet the needs of today’s small to medium sized organisations, whilst providing you with the peace of mind that our solution can grow with you, as and when you decide. Our solution is also available through a variety of deployment options, including on premise and hosted. With Advanced hosting and managing the solution, users can simply login to the application online, meaning there is no need for an expensive infrastructure, which significantly reduces your operating costs.  

Our fully integrated mobile application, offers self-service functions to your Sales, Marketing and other organisational teams, whilst our other mobile application provides mobile charity fundraising teams with expenses processing as and when they require it. Both mobile applications are available anytime, anywhere and on any device. This means you are not only further accommodating the increasing mobility of the modern workforce and Bring Your Own Device initiatives, but are empowering your users with the tools and insight for increased productivity and effective decision-making on the move.

With our accounting and management offering, professionals in all growing organisations are liberated from significant burdens, enabling them to work smarter and efficiently drive performance and growth.

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